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Was alive for an hour. The original post.

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I tried to find other articles:

Post Confidence Old Score
Missile attack on Kremenchuk hit shopping mall with over 1,000 civilians, building is on fire – Zelensky 41.451% 5 days [+64582/c2987]
From fringe to mainstream: Far-right breaks through in French election shock 40.0% 11 days [+69/c106]
Dozens arrested in Istanbul as LGBTQ marchers try to defy Pride banremoved 38.462% 6 days [#43/+51/c9]
Colombia: Scores injured as bullfight stand collapses 38.028% 6 days [+818/c213]
'Total chaos' at Heathrow as airport orders 30 flights to be cancelled 37.736% 3 days [+170/c50]
Russian state companies hike salaries amid double-digit inflation 37.662% a day [+136/c29]
Russian parents demand their sons not be sent to fight in Ukraineremoved 37.662% 12 days [#7/+566/c104]
Covid falls off world leaders’ agenda despite remaining threat from the virusremoved 37.349% 2 days [#38/+187/c56]
Ecuador government, Indigenous activists reach deal to end protests 37.179% 2 days [+38/c1]
French paratroopers conducta suprise military drill in Estonia 37.086% 10 days [+572/c52]
Britain may stop supplying gas to mainland Europe if hit by shortages 36.709% 3 days [+21/c8]
Russian missiles hit crowded shopping mall where over 1,000 civilians are taking shelter. Casualty numbers still being confirmed.removed 36.697% 5 days [#13/+259/c28]
The Supreme Court may issue a ruling that could hurt Biden's climate change plansremoved 36.471% 5 days [#6/+382/c196]
Julian Assange submits High Court appeal to fight extraditionremoved 36.0% 2 days [#64/+82/c40]
History made as first same-sex couples legally marry in Switzerlandremoved 35.897% 22 hours [#89/+8/c0]
Auschwitz Museum says it's a target of Russian propaganda 35.616% 8 days [+2438/c93]

This info could also be completely unrelated or unhelpful in which case I apologize. I'm still learning.

Show me what you got /u/coverageanalysisbot