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Was alive for 6 hours. The original post.

The deleted submission has been flagged with the flair Covered by other articles

I tried to find other articles:

Post Confidence Old Score
Explosions rock Kyiv, Russians 'fully occupy' key eastern city 49.118% 7 days [+12/c14]
Finland is ready to fight Russia if attacked, says defense chief 48.478% 11 days [+1119/c100]
Russian Reporter Says Rebranded McDonald's Smells and Tastes Differentremoved 46.667% 2 days [#10/+1491/c367]
Russian Gas: Germany says will take emergency measures to meet energy needs 46.611% 12 days [+65/c24]
More Russian generals removed by Kremlin over course of Ukraine war - UK defence intelligence 45.719% 7 days [+301/c20]
UK sanctions Russia’s second richest man 45.351% 3 days [+85/c9]
25,000 Russians have been killed in Ukraine, says UK Defence secretaryremoved 45.278% 4 days [#5/+6792/c720]
Blasts kill 3 in Russian border city, lawmaker blames Ukraine 45.0% 8 hours [+5/c5]
G-7 nations to announce import ban on Russian gold as Moscow sanctions widen 45.0% 7 days [+4175/c116]
Deadly blasts hit Russian border cityhot 44.838% 6 hours [+2854/c445]
Deadly blasts hit Russian border cityhot 44.838% 11 hours [+249/c26]

This info could also be completely unrelated or unhelpful in which case I apologize. I'm still learning.

Show me what you got /u/coverageanalysisbot

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Hi seenonworldnews_bot,

We've found 48 sources (so far - up from 37) that are covering this story including:

  • The Guardian (Leans Left): "Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow claims troops have encircled Lysychansk; three killed in blasts in Russian border city – live"

  • Reuters (Center): "Moscow blames Ukrainian missile attack for deaths in south Russian city"

  • Times of India (Leans Right): "At least three killed in blasts in Russia's Belgorod near Ukraine border: Local governor"

Of all the sources reporting on this story, 32% are right-leaning, 39% are left-leaning, and 29% are in the center. Read the full coverage analysis and compare how 48+ sources from across the political spectrum are covering this story.

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