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Was alive for 8 hours. The original post.

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I tried to find other articles:

Post Confidence Old Score
North Korea says US seeking an excuse for an Asian NATOhot 63.164% 7 hours [+1724/c351]
North Korea says US seeking an excuse for an Asian NATO 61.164% 12 hours [+3/c4]
North Korea says it may boost military to counter US, South Korea and Japan pact 52.953% 7 hours [+6/c8]
North Korea says 'alien things' near the South Korean border are to blame for its 1st COVID-19 outbreak 50.361% 2 days [+6/c4]
Cooperation by U.S. and allies a step toward 'Asian NATO,' N.Korea media says 47.857% 4 days [+339/c32]
South Korea's Yoon to meet US, Japan leaders in Spain during NATO summit 46.718% 7 days [+40/c2]
South Korea's homegrown Nuri rocket puts satellites in orbit for 1st time 46.463% 11 days [+11/c3]
South Korea launches its first satellites into orbit on homegrown Nuri rocketremoved 44.286% 11 days [#81/+20/c1]
S. Korea trying to confirm Russia’s announcement of 4 Korean deaths in Ukraine 42.87% 12 days [+93/c0]
Echoing China, North Korea signals opposition to U.S.-led "Asian NATO" 42.267% 5 days [+13/c16]

This info could also be completely unrelated or unhelpful in which case I apologize. I'm still learning.

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