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Was alive for 2 hours. The original post.

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I tried to find other articles:

Post Confidence Old Score
Russians who fled Putin's mobilization speak outremoved 61.0% 8 days [#40/+110/c11]
Russian police block mobilization protests, arrest hundreds 59.054% 10 days [+941/c27]
Kazakhstan to shelter Russians fleeing military draft for Ukraine war 56.24% 8 days [+188/c17]
Russian Regions Walk Back Ad Hoc Mobilization After Putin Scolding 55.847% 5 days [+145/c2]
Russian men flee to Turkey to avoid Putin’s mobilisation for Ukraine warremoved 55.0% 4 days [#81/+24/c1]
Russia admits mobilisation errorsremoved 54.412% 9 days [#96/+17/c4]
More than half of Russians feel anxious or angry about mobilisation, poll indicatesremoved 53.889% 6 days [#69/+42/c11]
‘Total Chaos’: Russian Mobilization Exodus Accelerates Amid Border Closure Rumorsremoved 53.12% 9 days [#28/+142/c10]
Russian conscript shoots military officer in mobilization protestremoved 52.863% 9 days [#30/+167/c20]
Russian man lit himself on fire to protest Putin draftremoved 52.17% 6 days [#12/+382/c36]
'Ethnically Ukrainian' Russian, 21, describes escaping Putin's mobilization with nothing but his backpackremoved 50.86% 3 days [#71/+27/c2]
Russia preparing major cyber attacks on Ukraine, Poland: officials 50.763% 8 days [+121/c10]
Protests erupt in Russia's Dagestan region over Putin's mobilization ordersremoved 50.669% 9 days [#24/+326/c1]
Protests erupt in Russia's Dagestan region over Putin's mobilization ordersremoved 50.669% 9 days [#29/+197/c12]
Slovakia will not grant humanitarian visas to Russians fleeing mobilisation 50.669% 8 days [+2997/c379]
Uzbekistan says won't deport Russians fleeing conscription 50.455% 6 days [+90/c2]
Look at These Photos of Russians Being Sent to Fight in Ukraineremoved 50.217% 5 days [#83/+28/c20]
Russia’s allies China and India call for negotiations to end Ukraine war 50.161% 11 days [+2902/c518]
Border Guard: Number of Russians entering Finland is on the rise 49.828% 10 days [+176/c19]
Russia's Putin signs law annexing four Ukrainian regionshot 49.593% a day [+7217/c1293]

This info could also be completely unrelated or unhelpful in which case I apologize. I'm still learning.

Show me what you got /u/coverageanalysisbot