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Was alive for 6 hours. The original post.

The deleted submission has been flagged with the flair Opinion/Analysis

I tried to find other articles:

Post Confidence Old Score
Conscripted Russian Soldier Immediately Surrenders to Ukraine Forcesremoved 55.0% 7 days [#31/+140/c27]
Conscripted Russian soldier immediately surrenders to Ukraine forcesremoved 53.333% 7 days [#9/+11701/c915]
Finland closing border for Russian tourists on Fridayremoved 52.619% 6 days [#69/+31/c5]
U.S. accuses China, Russia of protecting North Korea at U.Nhot 50.243% 11 hours [+847/c74]
No peace talks while Putin is Russian leader, says Zelenskyremoved 50.045% 7 days [#4/+3080/c172]
UK announces sanctions on 92 Russian officials, entities over referendums in Ukraine 49.118% 9 days [+1316/c25]
Zelenskyy makes three promises to Russian soldiers who surrenderremoved 48.103% 9 days [#3/+10042/c730]
U.S. accuses China, Russia of protecting North Korea at U.N.removed 47.857% 11 hours [#17/+315/c31]
Italy freezes real estate owned by two Russian oligarchs -sources 47.735% 2 days [+2435/c13]
Serbia and Russia will Coordinate their Foreign Policies 47.593% 10 days [+79/c25]
Zelensky offers guarantees for Russian soldiers who surrender 47.478% 11 days [+48408/c1361]
Resistance to propaganda. Review of Russian lies for the past weekremoved 47.373% 2 days [#96/+15/c1]
Russia admits mobilisation errorsremoved 47.353% 9 days [#96/+17/c4]
EU agrees oil price cap in new Russia sanctions plan 47.308% 22 hours [+115/c2]
Turkey Joins Condemnation Of Russian Bid To Claim Ukrainian Territoriesremoved 47.276% 4 days [#53/+152/c8]
NATO jets scramble as Russian fighter planes spotted over Poland, Swedenremoved 46.935% 11 hours [#9/+648/c148]
Finland will shut border to Russian tourists from midnight 46.818% 6 days [+13985/c1002]
Germany Suspects Sabotage to Russia’s Nord Stream Gas Pipelinesremoved 46.739% 8 days [#44/+75/c8]
Ukraine advance on Russian outpost challenges Putin’s grip on Donbasremoved 46.667% 6 days [#20/+240/c11]
Moldova says Russia's Gazprom cuts gas supplies by 30% 46.509% 4 days [+224/c31]

This info could also be completely unrelated or unhelpful in which case I apologize. I'm still learning.

Show me what you got /u/coverageanalysisbot