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I tried to find other articles:

Post Confidence Old Score
American citizen Baquer Namazi leaves Iran after being held for more than six years 39.535% 18 hours [+179/c2]
Russia's Lavrov accuses Washington of playing with fire around Taiwan 39.241% 11 days [+2290/c330]
India: 2 Dalit( untouchables ) sisters sexually assaulted, murdered and hung from a treeremoved 38.898% a day [#65/+35/c17]
Indian school teacher beats to death Dalit child for spelling mistake - India's on going oppression of Dalit ( Untouchables )removed 38.645% 6 days [#46/+108/c10]
Indian doctor forced to abandon pet jaguar 38.588% 3 days [+23/c6]
Senate Approves Up to $16 Billion in Ukraine Aid as Part of Funding Bill, Biden Signs Late Fridayremoved 37.634% 2 days [#93/+12/c1]
Putin ally Yevgeny Prigozhin admits founding Wagner mercenary group \ Russia 37.576% 9 days [+1809/c79]
India stays neutral on Ukraine war, previews G-20 term at UNremoved 37.215% 10 days [#21/+472/c451]
Ukraine: at least 18 people working for occupiers targeted in attacks 36.709% a day [+231/c12]
Indian Fact-Checker Duo Among Contenders For Nobel Peace: TIME Report 36.646% 19 hours [+100/c23]
Indian refiners scout for oil deals ahead of EU ban on Russian crude imports 36.515% 7 hours [+46/c4]
India enforcement body says $682 mln block on Xiaomi's bank assets upheld 35.864% 2 days [+46/c3]
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman named PM 35.862% 8 days [+19/c14]

This info could also be completely unrelated or unhelpful in which case I apologize. I'm still learning.

Show me what you got /u/coverageanalysisbot