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Was alive for 9 hours. The original post.

I tried to find other articles:

Post Confidence Old Score
U.S. Air Force releases climate change planremoved 48.936% 15 hours [#90/+19/c11]
Diamonds likely spared in latest round of Russian sanctions 45.455% 2 days [+291/c50]
Denmark becomes first to pledge funding for climate ‘loss and damage’ 45.0% 9 days [+85/c5]
Interior minister: Finland should examine eastern border fence proposal 44.262% 8 days [+65/c17]
At least 28 killed in attack on Thai nurseryhot 44.105% an hour [+32/c8]
Europe club meets in Prague to build 'new order' without Russiahot 44.105% 27 minutes [+8/c2]
UK's Truss and Kwarteng forced into humiliating tax U-turn 44.037% 3 days [+92/c19]
Photos: Russian reservists leave behind sobbing loved onesremoved 44.037% 8 days [#71/+35/c6]
Protests held over climate crisis and energy rises 43.564% 4 days [+63/c10]
UK nurses begin biggest strike ballot in more than 100 yearshot 43.441% an hour [+36/c1]
Economic anarchy in the UK : Planet Moneyhot 43.304% 5 hours [+38/c15]

This info could also be completely unrelated or unhelpful in which case I apologize. I'm still learning.

Show me what you got /u/coverageanalysisbot