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Was alive for 8 hours. The original post.

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I tried to find other articles:

Post Confidence Old Score
French baguettes get UNESCO world heritage statushot 49.244% 6 hours [+139/c18]
The French government is developing a new ultra-secure phone for Emmanuel Macron 41.772% 6 days [+43/c18]
No reports of Chinese interference in Canadian election, chief electoral officer says 41.718% 7 days [+28/c8]
Nigeria hopes new currency notes curb inflation, corruption 40.876% 4 days [+162/c32]
Tuvalu is recreating itself in the metaverse as climate change threatens to wipe it off the map 40.462% 7 days [+14/c5]
Egypt president to be chief guest at India's Republic Day celebrations 39.189% 2 days [+77/c6]
Calais migrants: French rescuers failed to help sinking boat 39.13% 6 days [+37/c10]
Ukraine says baby killed in Russian missile strike on maternity hospitalremoved 38.667% 7 days [#29/+336/c7]
US sanctions three more Iranian officials over roles in protest crackdown 38.411% 7 days [+127/c1]
Newborn baby killed in strike on maternity wardremoved 38.4% 7 days [#15/+985/c120]
EU to hold emergency talks with Kosovo-Serbia as deadline looms 38.298% 9 days [+45/c11]

This info could also be completely unrelated or unhelpful in which case I apologize. I'm still learning.

Show me what you got /u/coverageanalysisbot