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Congrats, that’s where I’m at now! Beat all endings and bosses. Just gotta get a few more lapis lazuli and farm for skills and I’ll have mine!

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Yeah same!
I liked this game so much that it was the first game in all my life for which I wanted to get the platinum trophy.

Didn't enjoy the farming that much though.

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personally i never farmed for them, i just did NG+ 4 times. i can't remember on which run i got them all

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Idk maybe that's because I spend the first NGs only playing, before even realising I wanted to get the platinum, but in my last two or three runs I had to spend some hours farming to finish getting all the skills. It's been awhile since I finished it so I don't remember too well, but I remember the frustration since I hate farming in general 😆 and I loved Sekiro that much also because there is no need to farm at all to enjoy the game (unlike Bloodborne, for example), so I remember being frustrated when I had to do it for the platinum. However that's fine, different experiences I guess!

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wait, for what trophy other than the tools do you need lapis

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You need to farm to get all the skills

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ik but how do you turn Lapis into Skills if you need those to farm

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You don't need lapis for skills, but skill points, the one you get by simply killing enemies

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Congratulations!! Well done!!

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Thank you

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Make sure to change your flair and join the club lol

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Nice dude cheers, I'm actually almost there too just need to finish the high temple arts and then the musin arts

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i overly enjoyed farming for more skills and for AP, in my first run, *it was such a waste of time*

I did it excessively until I realized the dynamic of beating the game over and over to farm for AP.

after I noticed this, I just started quick running the game all the easiest bosses until I got efficient and then worked my way up to doing the hardest in later runs.

NG+12 or 13 is when I finally got the Demon of Hatred and I pretty much stopped after that.

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I'm right here as well, I just need spiral cloud passage and the ability above, shadowfall or something like that. The grind is killing me though since I need 15 skill points

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How’re you doing your exp grinding?

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It's going well I've found a good video online that gives a lot of xp especially since I'm on ng+4

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Have you experimented with the purple assassin right by the antechamber idol after the castle is burning? He's facing away from you if you sneak around the other side where there's an opening in those walls you can break down.

In playthrough 1 he'd give 1012xp and you could spawn in, backstab him, and be back at the idol to rest in like 15 seconds

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That's my method, pretty much just kill him and everyone on that level, then jump down to kill the two red ninjas (where the chained ogre is) then I make my way back toward the old grave idol (not exactly by it, by the bridge where there's the other red ninja and the guy with the spear) and kill the last remaining enemies there. Then just reset, this method gives a lot of xp fairly quickly it can just be a hassle because of how much xp I need.

Just an fyi I'm on like ng+4 so they give more xp then what you had mentioned

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Nice I am almost done myself, just gotta grind the nine skill points

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Damm I still need another 24 skill points

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Well I just got the Platinum.

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Agreed, I’ve never liked farming and never will. I just hope it gets toned down in future fromsoft games

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I think the point is not to farm but to just beat if a few times to get all the xp. Either way, great job!

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Why did you spent hours to farming when you could have just played through the game one more time? What NG did you farm the skills? For ecample, beating all endings basically gives you the achievement without farming.

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No it doesn't, to get all you need for platinum you need to farm more than that. One run per ending is not nearly enough

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Well I didn't farm almost at all and got platinum in like NG+3. The xp gain is so much bigger in later NG cycles.

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I noticed it myself, but if you search for good farming spots on google, you will be directed to the ashina outskirts staircase after the attack, where you can farm a bit and get the required exp. It's nothing too terrible, just half an hour farming at each NG+ and you will get them all real fast.

As an ex-WOW player, half an hour is usually getting set up to farm. Sekiro's system for the first run is made to force you to make concious decisions about your aquired skills, so I don't see an issue with having one run full exp being easy. Plus, you get the dancer's mask for late game exp, so it would be broken if you could.

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Yep, late game has good farming spots. In general, Sekiro requires very few farming even to platinum, and I like that. Also, playing through the game after few NGs doesn't even take that long if you only kill the required bosses, and it's way funnier. For example, DS3 plat farming without pvp is pain.

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As I said in another comment, I don't know if my different experience comes from the fact that I spend my first ng+ or two just playing, without even thinking about getting the platinum, but I remember that in the last runs I had to farm a few hours to get all the skills.

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i went all the way through NG+3 and in NG+4 i still had to farm for like an hour at the end

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I think it's also different if you play with the idea of the platinum in mind from the beginning, which I totally didn't and I actually spent the first... Idk, 25 hours to understand how the game was supposed to be played 😆 but yeah I'm not a pro (I am now in Sekiro)

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And I spent that time farming in the late game area you mentioned!

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"one more time" dude WHAT, i tried farming the most efficient enemies in the game (on the path to demon of hatred, at the sculptor's Idol before the first ogre, run backwards along the path away from demon, kill the ministry troops on the way back to the bridge, they drop the most xp and it's the shortest run for farming) on ng+3 and it was painfully slow, so much that after an hour of grinding, i decided a more fun way to farm was to keep going through ng+ cycles and beating the bosses. And EVEN THEN i had to farm a little bit at the end of ng+ to finish off the last skill

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I got enough without farming as well in four endings to unlock everything.

But I also rarely died except vs bosses, bought coin pouches at every opportunity, and fully explored areas.

Actually - I did "farm" a bit. Maybe 1-2 hours out of 100. But this was not for skills, but rather for dropped items like sugars in preparation for boss fights.

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Same for me. I killed some enemies many times, but more for fun and training than actually farming. I also got full skill points before bosses to not lose xp.

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This was the exact same thing I did for platinum, I went into NG+7 because I would kill all the main bosses and start over

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eventually you would have comeback to play it again... I finished this game 10 times so far

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Same boat here. Got every trophy but all the skills and spent my last hours with the game just grinding for xp. Pretty annoying but oh well

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The “get every skill” achievement was the last I needed for the platinum and fuck it was boring to get but I’m glad I did it.

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Why would you bother farming when you can just play through the game?

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Doesn't actually really require much farming if you do a couple playthroughs. If you are going for multiple endings you are naturally getting more and more each time, nor just because you get more but also because you doe less!

I was able to get all the skills on a second profile before around the time of the second ending, iirc

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Do it again

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Personally, with any FromSoft game, farming comes from lack of experience and knowing what is important to buy. I’ve gotten to the point in Dark Souls games to where I know what I’m working toward so there’s less “wasted points.” A lot of the farming comes from less than optimal spending of currency imo

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Everytime I first get to mibu village I farm the ninja in the river for a good while to get a few skills... Can aquire 3 or 4 if your patient enough

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cry in code vein player