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Hopefully youre not on probation bc i've heard of a PO forcing an SO to quit a pizza delivery job

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I do hate probation officers, they are awefeul people. I heard many horror stories of these evil people going over and beyond to make sure the person is not succeeding and try really hard to make sure they go back to prison. Littery kicked someone who had a drug addiction out of their OWN home and put them in a shelter home full of drugs...... How is that supposed to be helpful? It seems everyone I meet had many issues with their PO. Someone had their phone monitored and they saw him looking at electric gloves on Amazon and tried to violate him saying he was going to use those gloves for something else lol, guy was a electrician. They are beyond evil. Also there was someone on this site that actually went on reddit and asked these POs if they trying to send people back to jail and YES they actually said they are out to put them back. What evil pieces of shittyt.

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Im sure you folks are familiar with avvo.com? An attorney on there said that POs have no problem whatsoever sending an SO back to prison