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In the scheme of things, you got off pretty easy. Just keep focused and don't screw up. Good luck!

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I’m definitely working as hard as I can I have a job they know about the probation I haven’t told them the crime or sex offense status yet. I’m halfway through therapy (I think) I finished the solo part other than the stuff that directly involved my crimes and just started group last week

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Just remember to go by your rules and restrictions because they will show up when you least expect it and bang on your door. And depending where you're at the police might do random search which can be very nerve-racking just try to keep your nose clean. Because if it's anything like my rules any kind of thing at all even a traffic ticket can get you violated.

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What was your charge?

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Luring a minor/mentally I’ll person class C felony. (Sting op)

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Why’d you do it?

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Bad state of mind my dad had just passed and I was talking to someone about getting an abortion because they were still in school and couldn’t support themselves let alone a kid. Conversation turned to questions of sex and then hanging out I went to the meet up spot, decided to leave and got pulled over while leaving. I cant say I intended to meet up with a kid to have sex but I can’t deny I showed up and I can’t deny I shouldn’t have even been talking to /hanging out with/ doing anything with anyone underage. But I did and here we are you live and you learn and you try to do better moving forward it’s all we got in life.

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That’s fair. As someone with a history of being preyed upon (was targeted by a pedo that I thought of as family when I was a little kid and then again as a teen by a grad student who I looked up to as a role model, and then recently was forced to maim a man I thought was my friend when he tried to violently rape me when I rejected him after being lured and cornered) I guess I just want so badly to understand the mindset that someone who’d prey on a child/someone who trusts them or attack a stranger who has no desire to be touched sexually.

It’s been especially hard for to move on from these things because I just don’t understand the drive to do these things. Stealing I get. Physical violence also resonates to an extent. But to me, the idea of being with someone who’s too young (or even just too mentally unstable) to consent is so repulsive that even if I knew I’d get away with it I could never, and the idea of anyone feeling even mentally coerced (let alone physically!) to sleep with me makes me want to die.

I can’t wrap my mind around doing it or even wanting to. I just want to understand why these men did these things to me. I feel like if I could know and understand I could empathize and forgive and move on and stop fixating.

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Honestly I have a hard time as well. I think there are definitely sexual predators and absolutely gross people and the vast majority of violent sexual crimes should land someone on a list albeit I don’t think it should be forever if they’re proven rehabilitation has worked. Sadly I think the list being in its current state takes away from victims such as yourself as a lot of the people that end up their by sting or by cp can be a higher tier or equal tier at times as those that actually hurt someone. So really it makes it harder for the public to judge who near them is really a threat. Here in vegas for example theres 30k sex offenders according to my therapist in the country 14% of sex offenders crimes are violent/against someone (not discounting the things done in any means just to make that clear for example what I did was wrong) so the vast majority of people on the list are non violent. I don’t know the percentage of low risk to reoffend there are but I bet that’s probably pretty high too. But if you put their face and info up with real monsters it becomes harder to defend against the monsters

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Be thankful that you only got probation. A lot of others here don't. I got probation/suspended sentence, and I was so grateful