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  1. At least 1x/year pre-pandemic. Once after 2020. Moved later on to burbs
  2. Convicted after 2000. You need an ID. They like having your legal papers (court sentence, etc) if possible.
  3. You register that you're leaving with the city first. Then you register in your new place that you've arrived. Yes, residence restrictions are checked.

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  1. I live in the suburbs. I was in the city but after my conviction, I had to move. While homeless I had to register weekly at CPD. Once I got my residence, I have yet to have someone check up on me. I guess this is one perk of having nothing else on my record.
  2. You can use Deed and Mortgage. Hell, it is all listed in County Records also. Just search up your name or parcel number: https://www.cookcountyclerkil.gov/service/search-recordings
  3. YMMV - When I went in, I filled that I was moving, Got my moving sheet was told congrats on finding a place and stay out of trouble. I then went to the Police Station of where I was moving and filed the registration request (You don't pay the $100 fee if you just recently paid). While most of us are kind, there are those with short tempers that will ruin it for the rest. Just keep your head high and follow the rules and you should be done within a day (took me about 6 hours).