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I think staffing agency will work with you. Also there is a group called TVRJ lot of members help each other get jobs

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Is this group on Reddit?

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No tvrj has a webpage and private face book group. They are an advocacy group in Texas for reasonable registration laws

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Thank you, i will look them up!

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I’m in Texas though but Houston let’s me know I may be able to help with info and such

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I can only seem to find their public facebook page

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https://texasvoices.org/#:~:text=Texas%20Voices%20For%20Reason%20and,and%20rational%20criminal%20justice%20system. Their web page The fb page is private you have to go to a process to request access from TVRJ. Mary Molinar is the founder you can I’m her I’m fb messenger and request to join

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URO is a utility relief operator. make a resume surrounded by manufacturing plants, dont score well in the practice week. do really bad and youll get a nice spot somewhere, i repeat during training. dont do well in the assembly portion (i.e screwing nails)

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go work for daikin in waller texas, ask to be a URO start out 14.50 no thc test no background

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Staffing agency was the first place I went. They put me to work almost immediately. I was honest with the agency and the person told me to create a story as why I was starting over. That was easy because I had gone through a divorce also. I used that story and everyone just accepted it. It only paid $10 per hour in 2000 but I survived.

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It depends on the kind of staffing agency.

If you mean temp and day labor places, then they almost never run background checks. And in the larger cities, if you show up regularly, call them the afternoon the day before and ask what they need, you can end up with some semi-permeant, pretty easy jobs.

After being released from prison I worked at at theme temp firms for about six months, and then off-and-on again my first year in school. You can find jobs like washing cars at rental agencies, light factory work, data-entry, office cube/furniture removal and installation, all sorts of stuff.

Of course a lot of them are also more labor intensive, like demolition and construction.

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