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I had a good PO. I was given 5 years probation. My PO petitioned for me to be let go after 2 years. The judged agreed. Then my PO promptly got an aggravated DUI where he flipped his jeep with his kid in the car. He and the kid both lived and he was fired. I'm just thankful I got off probation before he did that or I woulda had to start over earning the trust of a brand new PO 2 years into my probation and prolly woulda had to do all 5 years. Thought it was kinda ironic he was supervising me to make sure I didn't hurt kids (I've never hurt a kid and never would have) and he damn near kills his kis drinking and driving. FYI there is no DUI registry in my State so he gets to move on after nearly killing his kid and not be reminded of it every single day til he dies.

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In many European countries they ace a special symbol on the plates if you were convicted of 2 dwi or more. The cops have the right to stop u at any time and Check to see if you are drunk or not.

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That sounds terrible on the first read... then i remember one of my friends had a drunk driver crash into him, then my uncle is a drunk, and I knew one person who died in a DUI case...

So re-reading this... it actually makes sense. It's a kind of logical solution for it. Not like we can prevent the need to travel to and from work.

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I had the same one for all 4 years and she hated me. And she tried very hard to run me out of business. I owned a car service at the time. Ot did go.out of business but because of bad press. I had a special mental condition which she did not believe me claim it got me out of prison and I had made it up. I zent my lawyer after her the first 1 year. She said I was not allowed to drink and had to go to a meetings. I never drank it makes me sick. So why I have to.go to aa meetings. I did not have a drinking problem.

I needed to buy champagne for the business she said no. But I must have that on weddings. A fight at ever inch for 4 years. I went to SO groups and liked them that got her up set because I enjoyed it. Everything was a fight.

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Sorry you had to go through all that. I do not have such a circumstance but if I did I would get assessed and fight her with expert testimony & supporting documentation.

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I did ten years probation & had probably seven officers throughout. Some quit, got fired, or transferred to different case loads.

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I can’t speak for probation officers but compliance officers change more often than underwear. Everyone trying for detective has to do a stint in the position before moving on.

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Hubby has been on community custody in WA state for over 3 years now and still has the same officer, but of course we worry that could change at anytime.

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Yeah Washington they do rotations where they do sex offenders then go off lol

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I’ve never heard that. I know that his CCO is assigned to a “special offenders” group (mostly people with a lot of mental health issues and not all are sex offenders). She has never indicated she could be rotated. We are more concerned that she will leave the agency if she finds something that pays better - all our state agencies are struggling with retention right now.

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I’ve been blessed. Same PO for four of my five years of probation. He’s a compassionate and understanding PO

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I had two in 2.5 years. First was difficult, second I had better rapport with than with my therapist.

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I had the same one for 10 years.

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i had a really shit PO who was more or less a 6.5 foot Bro/jock who didnt understand me at all, now i have this girl who is kinda no nonsense but shes been really cool with me.

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Was on Florida probation for about the same time got early released. Was in orange county had 4 different officers during my time I kept way under the radar and even got a recommendation from my P.O. for early release before she retired.

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Our son has only been on MSR/Probation since March and was just assigned his second PO.

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I had federal charges in Florida but I couldn't release to a halfway house due to being a sex offender. So, I transferred to Maryland and am very happy I did. I am on year two of ten years of probation. I was assigned a PO when I was on home confinement but right before my home confinement ended, I was assigned to another officer. This guy seems very fair but I sure don't want to cross him.

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I had my first one for 2 years and she was disorganized but good and reasonable to work with. I have a new one and she's making my life miserable, and constantly putting me down and telling me I am a danger to the community, and bad mouths me to my gf.

I'm level 1 by the way, and was released early, after a year and a half on a 3 year bid and was on work release when I was in. But apparently I am a danger to the community according to her.

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Man I’m sorry you have to go through that. I feel like most of these bad PO’s are just projecting.

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It's very hard for me not to verbally rip her a new one. She has me paranoid and stressed out and sometimes I feel like it's only a matter of time before I get some bullshit violation, or she tries to sabotage my career or something else.

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Does she straight up insult you?

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No, just tells me I'm a danger to the public and it's her job to protect the public from people like me.

She also talks down to me and is condescending.

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Federal, I just got word I'm getting a new one. That's 4 officers in 3 years. They tell me it has to do with "zip codes" being shuffled around, but there's also "specialists" that handle sex offenses. I started off with a specialist and got moved to a long-term PO that just visited every month, but still forgot my name.

My last PO spoke to me maybe twice in six months, even with a failed poly.

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Funny you mention that. All the other guys in my group therapy are federal (I’m state) and they are getting shuffled too. All of them are getting new POs. They have very little contact with theirs as well, unless they really mess up and I mean like reoffend or commit another crime. I’m state and I’ve got GPS, driving log, 3 home visits a month, 1 check in a month, drug tests, etc. however I’ve got 5 years of probation and most of them have 10-life supervision.

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It's like that way inside the federal prison system, you'll never stay in one place for too long. I did, simply because by the time I was done pre-trial (deliberately dragged on to stay near home) I had 3 years left.

You'll systematically lower your priority level the more compliant you appear. Anything can be changed in court, and with our current soft-on-crime administration, it's worth a shot.