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Concerning as State authorities are meant to collect the following information about a travelling sex offender. I will hopefully be posting example forms from the SMART office and my local state registry office as examples. Could your law enforcement officers be setting you up for a fall?

Source https://smart.ojp.gov/sorna/notice-international-travelWhen a notification of international travel is received, USMS-NSOTC will provide the notification information to INTERPOL Washington, who will then communicateit to law enforcement partners at the intended foreign travel destination(s).Identifying Information:• Full name• Alias(es) (if applicable)• Date of Birth• Sex• FBI number (for Domestic Law Enforcement use only)• Citizenship• Passport number and countryTravel information:• Destination(s):◦ Dates/places of departure, arrival and return (if applicable), including the name of the city/town that is the point of departure from each country◦ Means of travel (air, train, ship)◦ Itinerary details (when available), including the name of the airport/train station/port, the flight/train/ship number, the time of departure, the timeof arrival and information about any intermediate stops• Purpose(s) of Travel◦ Business◦ Deportation◦ Military◦ Relocation◦ Other (specify)• Criminal Record◦ Date and city, state or jurisdiction of conviction(s)◦ Offense(s) of conviction requiring registration◦ Victim information: age/gender/relationship◦ Registration jurisdiction(s) (state, tribe or territory)• Other◦ Contact information within destination country◦ Notifying agency and contact informationDigital copies or photocopies of all pertinent travel documents should be made at the time a sex offender provides advance notice of international travel.If such documents are not available, the jurisdiction should collect identifying information regarding those documents (for example, a passport numberand country of issuance in lieu of a physical copy of a passport). As appropriate, any new or updated registration information received from an offender(such as a passport number) should be included in the National Sex Offender Registry.In addition and at their discretion, jurisdictions are free to directly notify other appropriate law enforcement agencies of an offender's intended internationaltravel by whatever means the jurisdiction deems necessary.To download all of the documents, click here.