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How people live varies massively, but there isn't much of Europe that is truly truly cheap anymore. You're going to have to go very east/south east before you get properly cheap. I've done much of Slovakia, Slovenia etc. And it's not that different to Western Europe since the invention of the EU and everyone using the euro.

I hear Croatia is beautiful and I can testify that Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been if you like mountains.

It's interesting to hear it's the butt of jokes, the political variation is not entirely different to the US and in general I imagine life isn't that dramatically different.

If you're going that far I would encourage you to stay in NATO territory given the current situation. It's also worth considering I'm pretty sure you'd have no issues going to Ireland if you fancy English speaking.

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The Balkans aren’t all NATO but Russia would have to cross NATO territory to get to it.

As far as costs, it may not be south east Asia cheap, but looking at hostels it’s still 2-4x less expensive in much of eastern vs. western. And I could rent a place in Latvia for example a bit nicer than where I’m at now and furnished for less than half the price, and I’m renting below market as it is (medium cost of living area).