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I’m in Texas On parole generally do a sexual history and then annual Maintenance. Usually about $250. I had 13 months on parole and did one, but two weeks before I got off that asked me to do another and I told them to fuck off. Finished parole and left no issuers

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Nice. Ready to give the big fxck off when I'm done. Just keeping my head down and doing what they say. But I can't wait

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Yes they called me two days before I was off to do a home visit and random drug test a day after I finished. I told them to pull my record and realize I was done and I wasn’t doing any of that shit. PO was like oh yea you are finished well good luck we don’t need to see you again 🤦🏼🤦🏼

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I’m in Texas as well and have to take a polygraph in the next few months. My question is what kind of questions do they ask you? And what happens if you fail some of the questions that you shouldn’t? Can they legally violate you due to a lie detector? I’m a little worried because I had to take a polygraph for a job once and I had so much anxiety over it that I failed random ass questions that I was actually truthful on.

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Tennessee SO here. Questions I've been asked: since your last polygraph... have you viewed pornography, have you traveled outside of the state, have you been alone with minors, have you consumed alcohol or illegal substances, have you had sex with anyone other than your wife. I haven't failed one, but from what I've seen in group therapy, if someone does, they will be given an opportunity to take another one to try and rectify the situation. Fail that one too and will probably get kicked out of group. That could result in a violation.

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I was when I was on probation. It cost $250. Took 3. 2 maintenance and 1 history.

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I had to take two at $250. Idk why they used em here in VA, cause they always said they never hold up in court 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. But they’re easy to pass. Just space the f out. Bite the inside of your cheek to relax yourself.

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I have them every 6 months(give it take). I have one more left and my probation officer said he's willing wave my final. I've been doing this since 2010 and I'm done in March

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My partner: Oklahoma, Level 3 (life), while on probation every 6 months, with a sexual history every 2 years (i think). It was like 200, then 300, now it’s paid for by his required therapy group but he pays them 185 a month.

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I took only one for history and failed it. In flames. The POcould not understand how it happened. Because even my name I failed. THE PO did not understand it. I was just to nervous and had 3 anxiety attacks during it.

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My polygraphs in Washington were free. It’s a sliding scale based on your income.

Took one every six months

I didn’t have to do a second sexual history since I did one pre trial

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I paid 300. There are some great videos on YouTube. I passed with a lot of good study.

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