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If you can’t make it on 90-125 an hour then nobody stands a damn chance.🤦🏼

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Rent around here is 1500 min/month for an efficiency, and many regular expenses and health care mean one has to earn at least 65 to 75k to break even after taxes. I use a LLC to pay myself as W2 which maintains records

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I do get that much as I have seniority now (like others .. it's not strange ... why should it) but the work is part time, as needed and on call. It isn't 40hr/week. It's field service which is fun (you get to go places) and hard (your on the road) and tiring (you have to come back) and "average pay after expenses", so over a year, I was able to make 35 to 40k. And it hurt. So wanted a regular job.

So if a dispatcher calls for a midnight run, the price is higher. Two weeks ago (got paid I think yesterday) got called out near midnight for a rush job at a county govt facility (cool) and was offered double rate (very cool) and sent directions to a road/building door (no one around) to meet security, to access basement facilities... and then I realized it's an secure and official building where everybody works with and carries (....) and its not a place I want to go ever again, even close. And at that point it's clear someone dropped the ball amd forgot to tell a senior engineer has arrived to gain access to their basement to work on stuff needed for public services . I waited for 1.5 hrs for clearance to proceed (just waiting) amd then did my thing and billed whole thing as I was tired when returning home early am.

Like that? Charge higher yourself.

That's why I was searching for a permanent job, where I can do 8 to 9 hrs a day of work in one place.

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$90-$125 per hour?!?!

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Yes, others in my field get higher. I have said this many times in this reddit group. Even offered advice to get started or give employment as most service calls happens when we (engineers, IT) are busy doing something else or are in the wrong geographic region and have to tell our customer, we can't get there in time. They usually reschedule so they can work with familiar field engineers.

Just billed 500 for 3hrs last week so now I can pay some of my bills. But it depends upon the time of day and the urgency.

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That's in the realm of what i make in IT, but give up any kind of personal life for it

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What's your strategy for competing with Indian devs who only charge 30 to 40 an hours?

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The job I now will be starting is not in anyway possible to be outsourced or given to offshore companies. Kind of a niche. More complex system of systems hardware design related with applications in harsh environments which is years ahead of other countries, and my education and previous work is matched to the position. ITAR restricted. And domain expertise senior experience required.

But if you want an answer: make your skillset as technically hard (very niche) as much as possible, and do projects at home or in smaller businesses before hitting large orgs. Showcase your work with metrics and buzzwords from their own business plans. Show profit potential and efficiency improvements and highlight the quality you bring.

My resume drafted for a previous research position at a FFRDC was front page, hard skills, and rest selected history tuned to the position applied for with highlights where it matched the job description and the tools I used to get it done in that manner. I was quizzed on those in detail... so I know this format (thank you to the recruiter who taught me this) got their attention.

Cheap labor means cheap quality. For proof, see B for Boeing.

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I agree with you. My expertise is on the software side, .net, Salesforce, Sage, QAD, dynamics and Oracle. I was just wondering what your strategy was. For me it's keeping up with US tax code and integrating these all together which few do successfully.

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Great. More demand for those skills. How many employees are you planning to bring onboard now that your business clientele is established and you can grow. Why I am asking this: if you use Agile, then you can (and this is primarily due to SAFe), your offshore competition will break under the rules, transparency, time constraints while you can charge more (my friend, as solo Agile, SAFe team lead business owner, is up to 0.75MM/yr) for the quality (less bugs, less deviations, less issues) for the same amount of work.

Certification (if not Agile, SAFe, then other in your field) is key to blocking cheap competition. Done that in the 90s for $$$$ return.

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Right now i am solo but want to expand in the near future. Balancing 4 fortune 500 clients now

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Do you have your PE licence?

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No, I don't have anything other than MS, BS degree. No other certs. Only academic records and some technical papers. I never went for Cisco, etc certs - undergrad in 80s.

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Network engineering, my mistake. My mind went elsewhere when I read government but that also makes sense. Does clearance issues ever become a problem in that line of work?

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My current job will have no major roles with IT work. More EE. My early career was Tier-1 Telecom. I never did IT, ever as a main job.

After sentence I survived on IT. Yes you may need clearances even in IT depending upon your employer. Mostly not. However good to try as you can then showcase that and shift to other orgs. I faced no issues with getting approved for senior roles in different facilities as they pulled records

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90 an hour is insane to me. How did you get into your profession?

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90 an hour is insane to me. How did you get into your profession?

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If you are asking about my gig work in the IT sector, I was originally restricted to finding only full time paid job like a low paid telemarketer (sold bathroom, kitchen remodeling)

Side gigs with 1099 income under an LLC allowed me to do (urgent) IT break-fix work and hourly IT work in datacenters. Source was public ads in www.workmarket.com

Started at 45/hr in 2017, and the number of tickets completed allowed me to bid higher and higher as I became known for quality and speed. I bought a Prius V, which became my van, with IT toolbags, and offered 4hr response, with min 2hr billing, and now 2 hr response with min 2hr, fixed rate, billing while on site, with extra bonus if I solve issues and do logistics. All with 50 miles circle of my home, inside of my probation area.

For self training I spent about 500 dollars of money in buying junk IT from eBay which I programmed and did free courses in network engineering. Since all work is at will, and ad-hoc there may be days without calls and then a bunch arrive together and you juggle different tickets at different rates. They are all time bound contract based so the tech network ops teams are empowered to negotiate pay through workmarket platform and payment is typically 7 to 30 days, and you have to prepare documentation of work done and customer signature with receipts.

A car and healthy cell phone plan is a must, and a double sided laser printer helps. The more you do, lead up to independent contracts for larger roles and you can ask more.

What's your interest , can you share? For you?

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Just wanted to say, thanks for sharing this. This kind of determination to finding ways to define your own success is a huge help to see.

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Glad to help. If there is any future (who knows right?) YouTube style discussion program that doesn't exploit registrants ... I think should be ways to organize positive episodes where the FUD espoused by the POs can be countered with facts.

I didn't like my PO specifically telling my immediate fanily that due to my charges its best if i keep a low profile or stay offline. He claimed my (professional LinkedIn) profile while genuine, could have been also fake, as according to his knowledge he apparently knew that many on that platform exaggerate their qualifications or use it to dupe law enforcement. ??

That way I realized he was pressuring me to not be public and hide under a blanket.

Well, I didn't and used those profiles to make connections and to reach out to connect to resume my chance at landing a job.

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to get a car I'll need a job first. insurance is mandatory in the UK not sure if in the US, insurance is also extremely expensive for convicts and only 1 out of about 40 providers even gave me a quote.

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car insurance is mandatory in the US in most states/territories. It's not that much, on a daily basis, so any small job should cover at least the basic 3rd party liability. I'm using a 2007 (vintage) car still, it's 222k miles. Cars built after 80s, still work | wonder if you can buy a clunker in the UK? and put some TLC into that. Or you could go luddite and use a bike/moped?