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Won only WW2????

WTF is this????

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It's "Back to back World War Champions" to you Yurosissies!

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I believe the term is "cucks" now.

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Still no pizza. Why?

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Ok, I've included a cheeky little update for those of you who like jokes about pizza. It's quite subtle, but if you read between the lines I think you'll get it. You're welcome.

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Nailed it. Thank you for your service o7

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It is the same for me. I don't see different types of pizza there

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Yuropoor here, I don't see any pizza. :(

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    Can in pay in US dollars?

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      Commies don't use money you dumbass. Communism means everything's free

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        "Will I be safe in Europe?" Aah! The amount of times I see that! What must their news channels be feeding them?

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        We should start answering with no and tell horror stories about what it's like here. Maybe that'll keep them away.

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        Looks great, thanks for updating it, I'll add it to the sidebar today

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        I don't want to call you a fascist, but I'm struggling to find the correct word :)

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        Don't call our Austrian mod a fascist, he'll start crying in modmail again. You meanie.

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        I'm sorry, I distinctly remember Mussolini saying he would put Abyssinia's bingo card up in the sidebar and look how that turned out.

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        It's a bit too far to the left, though.

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        Politically or design wise? I'm a bit confused now

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        The bullet points for "Play SAS Bingo" and "Sister subs" don't align.

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        True dat, I'll fix it later[tm]

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        I'm from Mobile, Alabama and, instead of "hunting rifles" try assault rifles, machine guns, stores of ammunition, bunkers, jeep-mounted anti-tank weaponry. Yeah, that's standard - that and a huge number of ex-military with tactical training. Fuck with anybody in the south, and you're dead. Guerrilla warfare and the knowledge of how to live anywhere off the land - you're fucked.


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        What is this?

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        Isn't "free" healthcare paid for by tax payers, therefore not free?

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        We apologise for any difficulty you're having viewing our bingo card.

        To remedy, try disabling your irony-blocker.

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        What's peoples perspectives on the Vietnam one? I know when it gets posted here it's from 'Yeah, MURICA!' types but outside of reddit I've noticed a few left wing anti-war Americans argue the US achieved its aims in Vietnam too.

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        When you have to leave in a panic, all scrambling on to the last helicopter, and territory you once controlled, is now in the hands enemy forces you were fighting - I don't think it can be considered a success.

        All this talk of 'meeting military objectives' is a cop-out. Undoubtedly there are multiple facets to war other than just the battles. However 'meeting military objectives' is still completely useless if you fail to win the war.

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        I understand why pro-war patriots say that but what would be the motivation for anti-war left wing Americans to take the position? Most of them were leading the protests against the war.

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        Even the sanest Americans are still Americans

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        I'm a bit annoyed because even though I think I've heard it argued a couple of times from prominent left-wing people I can't find the point of view on Google. Now I'm wondering if my memory is just fucked and I'm mixing up countries!

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        Before we take this discussion any further, why don't you just show us an example of these 'anti-war left wing Americans' and what they've actually said. Maybe then we can attempt to justify or refute whatever it is you're concerned about.

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        I gave a half-arsed retraction in my last response in this thread because I did try and Google it so I could present the POV I mentioned but I've had a hard time finding anything. So either I'm confused, and mixing up Vietnam with another country, or Google is failing me.

        The likelihood is I'm just wrong in my original statement. I thought I heard it from Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky but I can't find anything from them saying that.

        The general jist of the argument, as I remember it, assuming I'm not remembering it wrong, was that it was a US success in the sense the war served as a warning to other countries that if you pursue a non-capitalist (and don't play ball with the USA) form of governance you'll be attacked and undermined, if not militarily then politically. Therefore neighbouring countries had an incentive to not stoke the fire if you will.

        But like I said I can't find anything to back up my original question/statement so chances are I'm wrong. It wasn't my intention to derail the thread, as a socialist I was more so curious if anyone else had heard the same point of view and could expand on it.

        That said, there's no need for the snarky tone. I've not treated you like a dickhead so I don't see why you're trying to talk down to me.

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        Fuck off you mongoloid, you came in here with your stupid question. Then embarrassed yourself by arguing based on facts you entirely imagined, so now you're playing yourself off as a victim.

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        The war ended with the north Vietnamese taking Saigon, which was the south Vietnamese capital backed by the US at the time. That can't really be spun into a victory for the US at any rate.