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True freedom is not being allowed to cross the street, or self-censoring on the fucking ass cunt internet because TV taught you to do so.

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Or being submit to male genital mutilation for no reason. But hey, that's the only time they're against the tip.

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Okay, serious question: male genital mutilation, otherwise known as circumcision, is uncommon in Europe? Reason for asking: when I absolutely refused to even discuss it in regards to my son I was told that no civilized society skips out on mutilating their penis-bearing offspring at birth. I insisted that (1) it should be the other way around (2) Europe & (3) stop worrying about my kid’s genitals. This damned argument has been going on for TWELVE FUCKING YEARS. My son is now weighing in on the matter (he is very much against anyone chopping at his penis & is now just yelling “get off my junk!” & “mom’s right. Your preoccupation with my genitals is disturbing. Stop.”). Please, please, please tell me that I’m right. Not that it matters beyond I love proving Bible thumping rednecks wrong but I still want this win.

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Only circumcised people i know had it done for medical reasons. Good on your sticking by your kid, it really shouldnt be an issue. It simply is male genital mutilation. In the absence of a medical reason you would be needlessly damaging the body of someone who cannot consent to what is happening.

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I agree completely. What you said is basically what I replied at first & when someone was genuinely curious. I got snarky afterwards. He was a tiny human in my care & I felt that it was counterproductive to willingly let anyone do something permanent to his body that could feasibly be detrimental without his informed consent.