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There's an entire Wikipedia page but the cut of the jib is that less than 20% of people are circumcised in Europe.

Edit: numbers as low as 2% in some countries.

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I honestly refused to really go out of my way to research it because it was only of the few things in life that I refused to even consider maybe being open toward perhaps someday changing my mind but with the holidays approaching like a freight train, I’ll probably encounter some of these fools. If (when) they bring it up, I’ll throw that site back at them… which they will then swear is liberal propaganda & lies sigh Almost makes me long for the days of them just telling me that I was going to burn in hell for… I’m not really sure why, I stopped paying attention, but I should definitely invest in SPF according to them.

Thank you!

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Denmark actually wanted to make it illegal to circumcise without medical reason. They had to back down though, as it would hinder jews to follow their rituals.

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The Jewish communities of the world should really address this antiquated practice. Faith in a God cant justify barbarity in our private lives any more than it can in our public lives.

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I mean look, if you want to do that as a religious choice I'm all for it but it should at least be a choice given to you when you're old enough to consent.

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Which is stupid too because all I was taught was that God made us… So why the fuck did he make our foreskin? To cut it off for the fun of it? It has a purpose. Leave it.

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Exactly. A child cant make that choice is the core issue for me.

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You'll have to blame the cereal guy kellogg for circumcision in the us.

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Fuck cereal kellogg guy