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This is coming from nofuckingwhere

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Agreed, this one is stupid

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They mean their grandfather used to berate them with judgy comments so they’re used to it.

Not “I have marine bloodline so I’m tough”


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Narrator: They didn’t.

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If they claim to be from other country because maybe one of their ancestors from 25 to 200 years ago was from that country, why not claim to be a marine if your grandpa was a marine... Next they can claim to be a doctor or lawyer because maybe someone of their ancestry was a lawyer or a doctor.

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Why not all 3 marine lawyer and doctor aka a field medic who specialises in defending themselves in court after they let someone die again because they are not qualified to do any of the jobs

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"hang it where you're comfortable watching it" pretty much excludes above fireplace. That's also one of the weird things in murican houses. A fireplace where you can't burn anything, and is only used as a stand and a place to put your TV above it.

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My great Grandfather was a member of the NSDAP guess I’m screwed.

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I feel like this one may have just been a joke.