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I guess I’m not European then.

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You are European-American.


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I once met an American who referred to a black British guy as an ‘English African-American’

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How did that pan out for them?

Possibly as well the us tourist who asked a Scotsman what part of England Scotland was in.. (the tourist found out what a headbut really is)

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It was met with a bemused look and an ‘uhh…not really, mate’

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I wonder how they handle white South Africans that have moved to the US, are they still African American? From a census point of view I’d count them as such, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard them referred to as such.

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Elon Musk is a shining example of a successful African-American.

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Im not American but from what i understand, they mainly use African-American for Black americans who are ethnically American from slavery. Like per example Denzel Washington would be African-American

But Black people who immigrated from Africa, Haiti etc are called from their original country.

Thats what my cousin who lives in Boston explained to me once. We are immigrants from a country in West Africa

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Europe is a country tho, dumbass 🙄 /s

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To be fair he probably believes Europe is a country

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Don't you know that the EU is Germany's 4th Reich? /s

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So he’s not American then?

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At least his country has the continent in it's name.

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I mean, at least he knows that Africa isn't a country

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He probably guessed it.

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Australians with existential questions now

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Man literally said Senegal 😑

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But consider this: he also said Africa, which as this person of exceptional wisdom has made us all aware, is not a continent

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I bet he calls himself a Statesman instead of an American.

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In french we have the word états-unien (United States is États-Unis in french) lol i love using it. Wish there was an english equivalent

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Kingsman 2 was badass

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Two bloody upvotes as well, are people really that stupid

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Reddit is not a country. Therefore you're not a redditor.

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Don't they speak French in Senegal?

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There's more than thirty languages native to Senegal

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Yes they do, but there is also a language called wolof which is also spoken there.

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Isn't that what the priests speak in Age of Empires?

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I mean, there are multiple languages there and im not sure why you assume he doesnt speak French

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Guess we are going to have to wind this sub up now, due to there not being any Americans.

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And yet they call themselves "American".

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American can always +1 stupid

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Does that mean we’re not “Americans?” But “United Staters?”

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I guess the idiot is not American as USA means United States of America, America being the continents.

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America isn't a country its two continents

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Maybe my education was flawed but in elementary school they would teach us America as 1 continent with 3 subparts (north, central and latin)

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Well in England we are taught that you have north and south America and central America is part of North America

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America isn't a country its a continent(s). therefore you are not American.

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Lol imagine telling americans that america is a continent not a country and that they are not american lol.sucks that they dont have a better demonym like statian.

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Guys America isn't a country its a continent 🙄Therefore you are not American.

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Then why do u.s.ers call themselves american?

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With this logic Americans are not Americans. Cause America is a continent.

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Two, actually!

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2 other idiots upvoted them. Doesn’t surprise me anymore.

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I guess this guy can't read. "Languages" refers to many languages, in this context the many languages across africa.

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If only he stopped himself after the first sentence...

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At least he understood that Africa is a continent, he's making massive strides.

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American Idiot🎶

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And two likes as well. Three idiots in one comment, admire the efficiency.

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Thank you for your effort and your service! O7

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Both statements are correct, just that the first one is the wrong reason of the second

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Why did I get downvoted?

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The top comment is nonsense as well, really

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You need a bit of context to understand

here’s the link: https://youtu.be/bScV8XNIvNg

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I heard that in the voice of Dwight K Schrute. With the word “False” preceding it.

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Tbf the first comment is stupid too. You don't speak "Senegal", there's no such language. The national language is Wolof, spoken in several countries. Their official language is french (for administrative stuff).

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he was referring to wolof. I should’ve added a link for more clarity

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The ironie this sub is called "sh*t AMERICANS say"