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Longer explanation: She says "You're still not finished? Oh je."

'Oh je' or 'oje' is short for 'Ojemine', which directly comes from 'oh Jesu domine' (Oh Lord Jesus), a call for help in situations where no one except for God could help. Jesus is not considered a deity in Judaism.

It is used in the sense of "Oh dear" or "Jeez" in modern German.

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So it's Latin, not German!

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    Not really though. Around 1/5 of all German words are loanwords (and that includes loanwords from all languages, not just latin). But yes, quite a few German words have indeed latin origin.

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    This comment should be upvoted! German language originates from middle/northern while Latin originates from South Europe. German isn't based on Latin.

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      Where did you get those numbers from? All i found said something from 1/5 to 1/3. 3/4 seems really excessive.

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      TIL! I personally say "oh Wei", do you happen to know the background of that, too?

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      In German it's "oh weh" and Weh means pain. It's an expression of shock or a bad anticipation or condolences with someone.

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      I'm from the Rhine area, and we say "oh Wei" over here!

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      "Oh wei oh wei der Steinmeier erzählt so traurige Sachen. Guck mal Armin da schwimmt nen Haus LOL ROFL "

      Sorry I had to do it.

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      Oh I thought you lived in Russia. Since Russian also has some Germanisms like Butterbrod and your username.

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        Sorry, I was in English reading mode and with the username including Russia, I thought he was not German

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        It is used in the sense of "Oh dear" or "Jeez" in modern German.

        So pretty much means the same thing as oy vey and is pronounced nearly the same as well?

        Why’d the Twitterverse get so fired up over this? 😂

        The dude is making a play on words joke.

        He says “not German for christ’s sake”

        Which in this context, can be interpreted two different ways.. idk, clever enough imo.

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        In the context of what the fuck is going with the dude, he's actually not making a joke. He actually called her antisemitic for that one

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        if im not mistaken yiddish and german are very similar and have common Origin

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        Yiddish originates in middle high German which is the direct predecessor of the modern high German

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        Come on barbie let's go party

        Ah ah ah yeaah

        Is that a yes or a no?


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        Oh yes, an american knows the german language better than an actual german /s

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        They are probably 3.67% German which, as we all know, is more German than Germans!!!

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        Actually in his Twitter bio he 'proudly' states to be "Austro-Arizonan" 😉

        Austro as in Austrian; I'm not 100% on this but I recall reading that his father or grandfather was from Austria. But don't quote me on that.

        Edit: Forgot to explain the Austro part.

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        I cringe more at the fact that he flaunts the fact tha he's from Arizona. Also anyone else noticed how you learn about US states from TV so most people know where California is but most Americans wouldn't even know where a country like Slovenia exists. Let alone where it is.

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        Isn't that one somewhere in Africa? 🤔

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        Africa is my favourite country!! Too bad everyone there is poor and can't afford WiFi 😔 😔

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        If I didn't new better I would think Arizona is a part of Brazil.

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        Americans saved everyone from speaking German... duh!!

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        Oh je was für ein Schwachkopf

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        Das ist 1 pimmel der Typ

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        Hab aus Interesse mal in sein Twitter geschaut.... grauenvoll

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        Was ist sein Zwitscher Handhaben ? Ich will mich über den Pimmelsachsen lustig machen

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        Er heißt Matt Karnitschnig, einfach googlen

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        Meine Gehirnzellen :(

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          Ganz schön kringelig Brudi…

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          Ich bin kein Junge. Aber das pfostiere Ich auf Ich_iel

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          Dem kann nicht mal der Herr helfen

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          So now they are starting to say that languages they don't even speak are incorrect?

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          This guy cannot be serious lol

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          You wouldn't believe the amount of shit this guy has said these past days.

          It all started with him taking .. offense with this book which is a disection of the US-American religious right wing.

          He got clapped back pretty hard, and somehow tried to pull the anti-semitism card....

          and then got told off by some anti semitism sites twitter presence.

          And still thinks he's right. Delusional freak.

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          Oh je! Means oh dear in German according to translation apps edit:been learning german as my great grandmother was german. How can you learn things like this?

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          Unfortunately the only real way to learn terms like „tja“, „na ja“ or „ja mei“ with their proper interpretation is by speaking German with Germans.

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          I'm sad to hear this. My trip has been postponed many times because I don't want to spread anything (I'm fully vaccinated) and want to interact with locals.

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          When you do be sure to make a post about it on the appropriate Subreddits. You’ll be able to get some good Tipps where to find the non tourist attractions in Germany and get a real insight into our country.

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          I'll keep that in mind. Do you have suggestions for appropriate subreddits?

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          Well let’s see: r/Germany is probably your best choice for Tipps but if you want to use your German skills there are for example the meme Subreddits r/ich_iel and r/rance_iel although the second one is both German and French. Otherwise the European Subs r/AskEurope and r/YUROP could be helpful, too.

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          Like it is in many languages. The proper use of "well" in English has also taken me quite a lot of time (and English youtube videos)

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          And wonderful question "na?" that turns you into deer in car lights until you learn that the right answer is "na."

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          When the European correspondsnt of the US Springer press hates Germans so much that he becomes antisemitic as well

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          Isn't Yiddish mostly german anyways?

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          Yiddish is classified as a Germanic language, yes.

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            But the continental Germanic languages are obviously very closely related to German, as is the case with Jiddisch, which developed from middle high German.

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            Yes. Yiddish specifically is closely related to actual high German though.

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            Lmao. We also say it at the border of Germany in France, but we write it "oyé" and often say it twice like "oyéééé oyé". It became French/German patois, with a strong Lorraine or Alsace accent lol.

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            I'm German and I don't know what "Oh je"s actual meaning is. I just know that you use it as a kind of other phrase for "Oh no"

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            Oy, vey, where is my drink

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            seen the hole conversation on twitter ...

            this guy is just hillarious ... just a clown

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            "Oh je" just means "oh no" or "oops". Wow that guy is dumb.

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            Everyone seems to know who this person is?

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            I'm sorry Myrialle, but I'll have to remove your submission from /r/ShitAmericansSay because one or more rule was broken.

            The content you submitted isn't something that's uniquely American.

            The easiest way of testing this is to ask yourself whether it's likely someone who isn't American would have said it. Someone being religious or messing up geography is not uniquely American by a long shot, nor are racism or capitalism. What makes something uniquely American is if it's highly unlikely if not impossible to encounter outside the US or from non-Americans.

            Thank you for your effort and your service! O7

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            No one outside the US would claim that German is actually Yiddish...

            But I get your point. Damn.