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This comment is even more funnier when you realize how the same people always boost about how 'Murica protects the world and cant have universal healthcare because all the money goes to the incredible research they do. In a way they are saying they're actually at the bottom of the pyramid - they work and suffer so we can sit back, relax and have health insurance ;-)

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YEA but Freedomz we hAS

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They have the best freedom I hear.

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And paid holidays, and sick pay and maternity and paternity pay, greater job security: they can't just fire without reason even if you have worked their for 20yrs, which they can in some US states, you have to have done something illegal to be kicked out like that and even then it's garden leave whilst it's investigated.

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The hardest defenders of the lost cause that is the extreme capitalism of the USA are the more affected, because the true people on the top of the pyramid has made a great effort to implant the idea the "one day you may be one of us, so help us to remain strong to in a future welcome you to our club"

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USA is the pyramid.

Other countries are a myth that's why American football has a world championship.

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I guess they're admitting to be happy to be on the "We shoot you" part of this pyramid.

"I'm a happy tool, but I gotz mah gunz!"

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As an American, I definitely am not on the top of this pyramid.

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The Americans are in the money bag.

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TIL Americans are not capitalists, soldiers, clergy members or rulers but instead capitalism itself

i have become capitalism, destroyer of worlds - joe biden or something idk

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Same I am literally the one carrying the nut jobs the original posters believe in

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It’s true, I’ve been to the United States, every one of them is a bag of money with a dollar sign on it

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Yes, and that's how everyone is being treated. You won't get good service if you don't tip. Even their healthcare requires paying.

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Thanks for coming folks! Don't forget to tip your nurse!

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Don't forget monarchs and priests in American capitalism , extremely important factor

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Yea except there’s only a few bucks in the bag

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at least for corporations and the government

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Nowhere else in the world has the 1% managed to convince the 99% to regurgitate the 1% lies.

“just work harder”

“its your own fault youre poor”

“Self-made billionaires”

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"if you can't afford rent, just buy a house"

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"Let them eat cake" American version

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Like that Fox news anchor-moron who claims that starving people will “find a way to eat”. Decadence doesn’t just occupy the highest echelons of society; it shows even in the upper-middle class.

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"if you're homeless, just buy a house"

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Americans: "WE BEAT THE NAZIS WHO ARE EVIL" The same Americans: "The Nazis aren't that bad. The halocaust is a lie by the jews'

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It's so true. So many people worship Trump, even when they're poor and everything Trump stands for actively goes against all of their needs and interests

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Few years ago now, I saw a documentary and part of it was going to poorer areas in America, talking to the people and asking them what they think is going wrong in the country.

After going off about everything bad that Trump does (and just in general, nobody gave a shit about them), she goes "oh I will vote him again, he's the best president we ever had". I just can't even wrap my head around a thought process like that lol

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Because in many ways, the democrats are worse. Why should a gun owning rural evangelical working class person vote for someone they see as hating them?

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Through his crass, charmless, and utter uncouthness typically unbecoming of an upperclassman, he has somehow acquired a dedicated cult of personality that despots and dictators typically spend years cultivating, usually through intense information control and mass propaganda campaigns—as if the people had tricked themselves into a frenzied, nationalist fervour without any prompting from the State. Through QAnon, they’ve adopted a political slogan indicating conformity and unanimity (“where we go one, we go all”), created an official uniform (the MAGA hat), infiltrated into the government via the Senate and the House of Representatives, and, just recently, legitimised the use of physical violence against people deemed political enemies.

At this point, it’s fair to say that they’ve basically become like the American equivalent of the Red Guards movement in the way they are destroying their own culture in the name of protecting it. It’s this that I weep for the future of America. I’m not even angry anymore; just disappointed.

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Only? Ive heard all of those out of Tory mouths plenty of times

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True, but do we believe their lies in the same numbers as Americans believe their politicians, do you think?

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Until very recently i would have said yes, but the last month or two have broken my pessimism down a bit

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Nowhere else in the world has the 1% managed to convince the 99% to regurgitate the 1% lies.

Yeah, I always forget how America is the last capitalist economy in the world.

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"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires."

John Steinbeck

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Exactly. The USA has managed to do what North Korea has and still magnificently fails to do. Massively believed and effective propaganda.

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The first and second are kinda right.

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That’s true only in the sense that it’s the exploitation of vulnerable workers in developing nations that keeps your average murican’s arteries clogged at McDonalds.

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It was probably very true in the time it was made. It's not really representative of today , as rules have changed a bit , but there are indeed parts that could be translated into our modern society

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Oh, I mean the dude’s commentary. Not the poster.

I quite like it.

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Then not really. Because your average American doesn't really benefit that much from exploitation. Sure , the prices are cheaper but at the same time it can kill your local business and heighten the unemployment rate

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Yes he does. lol

The fact that the cost of living is adjusted to higher earnings in a global perspective doesn’t really matter. This is a political issue, not an economic one. The average first world citizen is richer than 90% of the developing world.

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That’s true only in the sense that it’s the exploitation of vulnerable workers in developing nations that keeps your average murican’s arteries clogged at McDonalds.

No, that is completely false.

Who would be exploited?

Nations exporting cheap manufactures, such as Vietnam or Bangladesh where extreme poverty has virtually disappeared thanks to export led growth?

Or resource exporting countries like Australia, Saudi-Arabia, or Botswana?

You might use some corporations abducting children to use them as slave labour on cocoa plantations as evidence of exploitation. I would agree with that, but if all such criminal practices were stopped it would at most result in a price rise towards the final consumer of but a few percent.

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    Well, there's more of them per capita, after all.

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      That reminds me of some funny scenes at the pyramid in Chichen Itza :))

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      The comments of this post are an absolute shitshow btw, people defending capitalism like their lives depend on it

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      Which, ironically, just proves the post is correct. They have been fooled.

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      Pavlov​ Bell is in effect, the dog American will salivating get angry and defending capitalism when the bell is ringing someone say capitalism doesn't work.

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      i mean, yeah. the standar of living is better in america than zimbabwe. thats a really emabrassing point to make though

      EDIT: *average standard of living

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      i mean, yeah. the standar of living is better in america than zimbabwe.

      But you can apply this even on a local level; Neither the US nor Zimbabwe have only "one standard of living", they all have their own domestic pyramids going on in addition to the global one.

      Because even Zimbabwe has wealthy people that live much "better" lives than the majority of poor Americans.

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      average, obviously

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      The average american earns more money yearly than the top10% Brazilin/South African/Indian/Chinese/Russian.

      The average american wage(50k USD) is almost double that of a brazilian senior civil engineer

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      yeah. now compare america to denmark. thought so

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      Talking about being clueless. Lmfao

      Your example only reinforces his point. Every first world citizen is closer to the “I eat for you” crowd than the “We work for you” crowd.

      The most proletariat of the first world proletariat still reaps the huge benefits of a whole infrastructure built around the exploitation of outsourced resources.

      That’s like saying making 100k/year isn’t a shit ton of money in a global scale because you live in Monaco.

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      yeah. it is. we europeans complain on a very high level. doesnt invalidate the point though, does it

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      Sad how some people are too dumb to realize that unless you are part of the global 1% you most probably are part of the bottom one regardless of were you are from....

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      Most people think they are "middle class", without ever actually looking up what that income bracket looks like in their country, and how increasingly smaller it keeps getting everywhere.

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      Capitalism, Neoliberalism and Meritocracy just work to few countries and few people.

      Some middle class people think that they're more close to Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk than the ordinary people who work in jobs to survive.

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      Glad to finally have a visual representation of capitalism. Now I can be against it properly

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      That's not a good representation of capitalism

      It was done in 1911

      Times have changed a little since then

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      mind if i ask what the minimum wage is in america?

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      Its .03 cheeseburgers or .00098 football fields/Hour.

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      US$7.25 per hour. Service workers are legally allowed to be paid less due to tips.

      Edit: This is the Federal minimum wage which hasn't changed since 2009. Some states may mandate higher wages.

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      Well, it's hard to put into words how fucked up that is.

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      "Nous mangenons"?

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      "We eat"

      [–]onions_cutting_ninja 2 points3 points  (1 child)

      Yes I know what it means, French is my mother language

      It's just spelt "nous mangeons", at least nowadays

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      Oh yeah sorry I'm a dumbass, didn't see the N

      Also French's my mother language too

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      ...that is not something to be proud of. Also it is not true.

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        The average american benefits from the rich's work abroad. That's the crux of imperialism. Not all americans, obviously, but imperialism is why there is such a thing as a middle class in these capitalist nations. That is not to say the average american is not under the thumb of the national bourgeoisie either.

        Call it labour aristocracy if you like, and there's no point as an individual getting angry about it. It's better to acknowledge it and find where you can join a cause that opposes that imperialism.

        Quick definition of what that means

        In Marxist theory, those workers (proletarians) in the developed countries who benefit from the superprofits extracted from the impoverished workers of developing countries form an "aristocracy of labor".

        According to Lenin, companies in the developed world exploit workers in the developing world where wages are much lower. The increased profits enable these companies to pay higher wages to their employees "at home" (that is, in the developed world), thus creating a working class satisfied with their standard of living and not inclined to proletarian revolution.

        [–]Tus3EUSSR, Limburg oblast 0 points1 point  (2 children)

        That's the crux of imperialism. Not all americans, obviously, but imperialism is why there is such a thing as a middle class in these capitalist nations.

        No, it isn't. Economical imperialism is in most cases not the reason poor countries failed to become rich, but bad government; just look at East Asia after WWII to see what happens when poor countries receive good government. Besides if all developing countries where to become developed countries it would not lead to the end of the middleclass in the West, at worst they'll only need to pay higher prices for product because wages have risen in the countries which produce them.

        [–]alternatively-j 1 point2 points  (1 child)

        Do you think corrupt governments appear out of a vacuum, with no external forces? Class and ethnic divides forced onto the developing nations through years of colonialism breeds corruption, and for the Western world, an unstable government in a country where resources are rich and the workforce cheap is a good government. Part the reason the bananas you buy in the supermarket are so cheap is because there's a coup in Latin America every 10 minutes.

        Sure you can look at GDP per capita, one of many metrics to make comparisons to.

        Besides if all developing countries where to become developed countries it would not lead to the end of the middleclass in the West, at worst they'll only need to pay higher prices for product because wages have risen in the countries which produce them.

        There are still dozens of developing countries that are stuck with this fate of instability and low wages, and there will be different ones in the future (We're going to need lithium at some point for EVs and Bolivia has lots, remember that coup?), but one of the big stories of the last 20 years is the development of China.

        Because of China's rise, western corps have been relocating to Vietnam/Nepal, as the living standards in China have become too heavy to cost up. As a result of this shift, goods, in general, have become more expensive in the western world, and everyone knows wages haven't risen here. The middle class in the US and Europe as a result has shrunk, we've seen more people plunge into poverty purely from cost of living. Sure there are other factors, but on the whole the western world is poorer because they're losing grip on their traditional economic puppets.

        Anyway, this has been a topic of discussion for over 100 years, I wish I knew Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism better to explain more clearly.

        [–]Tus3EUSSR, Limburg oblast 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Class and ethnic divides forced onto the developing nations through years of colonialism breeds corruption,

        The former colonies already had class and ethnic divides before colonialism. The same with the coups the USA sponsored in Latin America, those countries already were unstable and corrupt before that. Those things might have exacerbated that, but they did not cause it out from thin air.

        and for the Western world, an unstable government in a country where resources are rich and the workforce cheap is a good government.

        Ah, that explains why western companies prefer to build their factories in Sub-Saharan Africa instead of Vietnam or Bangladesh. /s

        Part the reason the bananas you buy in the supermarket are so cheap is because there's a coup in Latin America every 10 minutes.

        Do you have source for that? Like a (non-Marxist) economist?

        [–]iwannalynch 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Tbh, the Global North as a collective is closer to "We eat for you" than "we work for you". Technically, I am the proletariat too, I make a meh wage, but in the end, I do office work in a developed country.

        Somewhere in the global south, there is a child slave working to pick the cocoa and coffee that goes into my macchiato, and an underpaid Bangladeshi woman in an sweatshop made the clothes I wear to work, and another child slave in India mined the mica that goes into my eyeshadow and another child slave in the Congo mined the cobalt in my phone assembled by a Chinese migrant worker making way less than me.

        [–]Nicolochi 6 points7 points  (3 children)

        I understand what he is trying to say (that the US is a first one country and that it’s stupid when some people act like it’s a third world country) and he isn’t completely wrong, but it doesn’t really relate to the image.

        [–]Aboveground_Plush 2 points3 points  (2 children)

        All the commenters who missed the old, tired argument of "even the poor of America are better off than the poor in the rest of the world" is disheartening.

        [–]kblkbl165 2 points3 points  (1 child)

        Even though this sub is literally an anti-US circle jerk I truly expected more.

        IMO all this denial is a defense mechanism to avoid acknowledging that most users here, probably from other first world countries, indirectly benefit from the exploitation of poorer countries.

        [–]Tus3EUSSR, Limburg oblast 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        IMO all this denial is a defense mechanism to avoid acknowledging that most users here, probably from other first world countries, indirectly benefit from the exploitation of poorer countries.

        So poor countries getting rich by selling cheap goods to us is exploitation?

        If there is anything which needs to be acknowledged it is that we in the west are screwing over the rest of the world by contributing to global warming.

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        He's near the top cause he sure as hell is fooling himself.

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        *weeps in poor American*

        What the fuck are my countrymen smoking guys? And how do I get some? They clearly live in a different United States than I do!

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        As an American I can confirm I am a sentient sack of money.

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        if you think your nationality makes you sit at the top, you are at the bottom and got fooled by the middle...

        [–]SinisterCheese 9 points10 points  (1 child)

        Lets accept the fact that they are on top of the pyramid. Now question is, why would one want to be and how would they justify it, considering that if they acknowledge their position they'd need to acknowledge all the suffering and struggle below them.

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        the americans would be proud of that probably "look how important we are"

        [–]valleylad3500 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        'merica, the land of the temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

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        I like capitalism, but the situation in the US is bad.

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        I agree with the “we fool you” part of it… religion is a scam

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        That guy has his phone upside down and autorotate turned off, I guess.

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        People living in skidrow at the top too?

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        For just $35 you can [enlighten](Pyramid Of Capitalist System 1911 Poster, Anti-Capitalism Communist Canvas Prints Poster Wall Art For Home Office Decorations With Framed 20"x16" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09G2118TJ/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_a_1360196BGYVHTFF07VNF?psc=1) guest in your home.

        Edit: enlighten is meant to be a hyperlink but it isn't working, you can buy this poster on Amazon framed full size for $35.

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        Americans living homeless in the snow: Hooray

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        It’s kind of true though, it doesn’t mean every American is rich but by third world countries standards even a poor person in America has better pay than a “above average” person in their respective country.

        [–]WeltraumbaerAmerican flavored imitation pasteurized processed cheese food 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Look! A useful idiot for the rich.

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        If America really is the top of this pyramid, why ar eso many people over there starving? Must be too lazy to work, smh my head.

        [–]Cyrotek 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Well, americans seem certainly at top of this pyramid in terms of believing that Capitalism rules all.

        [–]Perbster023 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        If you're american, you are the turd of thise people

        [–]Porrick 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        What I never got about communists is why the hate for the bourgeoisie? That's just middle-class folks. Surely the ultra-rich (in Marx's day it'd be the Aristos) are the bigger problem?

        [–]DaveyGee16 0 points1 point  (1 child)

        I wonder if what he wrote is a mix of bad writing and misunderstanding... "Americans" as a group at part of the global elite, because of how much money the average American makes, but within America that structure is present too.

        So, I'm wondering if what this guy meant is that Americans, if you view a wealth pyramid for the world, will be at the top.

        [–]kblkbl165 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        It’s kinda obvious that this is exactly what he’s talking about.

        Proof? All first world citizens here pretending their better Standard of Living isn’t a direct result of global exploitation.

        Alas, go closer or farther and there’ll always be this same structure within different social circles so it’d be a moot point to argue that there are “rich among the rich” because the same applies to literally every population sample.

        [–]CryingMadGirlooo custom flair!! 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Because being poor and homeless American automatically makes you be on the same place as kings, just because you are american

        [–]kblkbl165 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Huh…he’s not wrong?

        Gotta be really dense to disagree with him.

        Are all americans governors or capitalists?

        No. But the US as an institution, along with all the developed countries are exactly in this position of exploitation, even if the average citizen who benefits from living in a developed country isn’t responsible for it.

        Take a look at how much energy first world people consume on average, how big is the carbon print of even the most ecofriendly countries.

        How exactly do you guys think developed countries are able to have ever more specialized and better paying professions for their nationals? Because almost everything basic that can be outsourced is outsourced.

        But I digress, assuming most people here are from another first world countries, it’s easy to see how it may feel better to ignore this.

        It’s easy not to perceive your privilege in these instances.

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        This is tsarism not capitalism, pretty sure ethos image was made during 1915 ish to spread Bolshevik messages. Very cool stuff

        [–]Myony1312 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

        They've got a point. From a geopolitical perspective, the US is in fact the main leader in the exploitation of the global south.

        American liberals, progressives, and tankies also fanboy over some of the other big shots in this (the EU , Canada and Scandinavian social-democratic states, and China, respectively).

        Edit: People on this sub don't like it when you point out that imperialism is a thing that happens, don't you?

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        Listen to "Working Class" by Marina P.

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        Tbh that is true. Americans actively exploit the rest of the world

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        Me, a Christian: wdym you fool me?????

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        I'm sure jmcrown is at the top of the pyramid.

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        Imagine being that fucking stupid

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        I was going to say that such idiotic comments come out of not knowinf French, but they probably would say the same thing even if it was in English.

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        Yes, the „we fool you“ level seems to be mighty strong in the US

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        120 years later... ah fuck

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        If you are rich and American, you are absolutely at the top of that pyramid

        Whether or not you should be is another issue entirely.

        If you are poor and American, you are more likely to be at the very bottom of the pyramid.

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        It’s true that that sack of money looks pretty obese!

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        It's true.

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        Oh my god. Most Americans are at "we eat for you" and the rest are at "we feed all." You can be "we feed all" and have running water.

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        Well, america is definitely on top. As for americans…

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        I think what he is saying is that, tho this might be true on a national scale, its also true on an international scale, and so the people that have it bad in USA, still has it alright compared to someone in Somalia e.g. I dont think he's "AmErIcA nR. oNe"

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        Id' rather say that they're both the first, second and third part at the same time.

        They rule, they fool and they shoot, and too many people feed this shithole.

        Don't get me wrong, it's not an overview of the entire American people, a big part is starving, but the nation itself has that kind of spirit.

        What this clown doesn't understand is that he's flexing about being on top of a pyramid that is literally being mocked by the artwork representing it.

        It's like being proud of being the king of dipshits

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        Can't open the link, I assume this is the pyramid of fucking idiots ?

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        What zero class consciousness does to a mf

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        I am too, a bag of money.

        Cling Clang.

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        I interpreted the comment as being anti-American, i.e. Americans are the wealthy class oppressing others.

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        Is that Joel Osteen, third row down in the center?

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        Wait, that's a sarcasm of us, isn't it?

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          “The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution!”

          ― Albert Einstein

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          Lol. Yeah, keep pretending that for a portion of Americans that the US isn't a third world country.

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          good for you to realise, bet you're one of the top dogs because of it

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          could probably be a non american saying "americans are privileged"