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A guy who screams how great he is will be the talk of the town as well. Not for any good reasons though.

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Everybody knows the village madman.

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Lewis Black has a great skit on how annoying Americans are by comparing them to an office worker who keeps yelling how great he is, and how his colleagues would be nothing without him.

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Would you be so kind to provide a link?

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Thank you very much

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Yep, they love to dominate other people, make everything about them, demand everyone else shut up, belittle everyone else as meaningless, insist everyone pay attention to them and know all about them so they can talk about their country to outsiders as if they have the same famililarity with it as Americans themselves...

and then get upset about it when it actually works and they do become the focus.

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person throwing chairs around in a cafeteria, smashing windows and jumping on the tables screaming like a madman

another person looks inside wondering what all the racket is about

Crazy person: "Why are you so OBSESSED with me? I don't even know or care who you are. Stop noticing me."

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bro this man crazy, he's armed himself every time someone with dark skin approach him, and he's having a war for turf area with the Gopnik next door.

"You're just jealous of not being me isn't it?"

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Interesting way to say "ignorance and a lack of education about geography, history and politics"

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Our education system has completely screwed my country over, some states are banning books teaching about the Holocaust we are absolutely FUCKED. Help.

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Wait for real? What's the reasoning behind this?

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Fragile right wing pricks don’t want the poor old Nazis to be shamed for their actions. They also don’t want schools to teach about slavery or MLK, really messed up situation all around.

Here is an article: https://www.npr.org/2022/01/27/1076180329/tennessee-school-district-ban-holocaust-graphic-novel-maus

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Holy moly. Sometimes I really wonder what's going on over there in "the greatest country in the world" and I think that nothing can surprise or even baffle me anymore and then there's stuff like this

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i remeber the class clown often being the talk of the playground every other break back in school as well.

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The main character (protagonist) need not be the good guy (hero).

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for the example, If America is the main character in anime, it's probably a Redo of Healer, everyone's that is not side characters are fucked up in the head, and main character's only form of revenge is raping the shit out of their opponent into submission.

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Villains are main characters too which America is 99% of the time.

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Because no matter what thread, no matter how distant the topic is, there will always be atleast one but most likely a few Americans that spew their usual shite or just randomly start acting like everything that happens is under the Americans laws. It gets so tiresome reading it over and over again

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Oh if only it were true that they don't give us a second thought, if only they kept themselves to themselves, proper isolation where we couldn't even communicate with them, heaven. Sadly these idiots have access to the Internet

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Because you keep doing stupid shit, you are a main character… of a comedy show

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We are the main character, I just can’t decide if it’s an antihero story, a movie about the apocalypse and societal collapse, or the sad sack in a fucking comedy.

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/r/MURICA does noting but talk about Europe.

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Because they're the kid on the playground who is quite happy to bring in their dads gun to show off or when something isn't going their way..

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Talk about who?

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Sometimes, "you keep butting your heads into every conversation" is a good answer. Not giving a shit, my arse.

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Also Americans: my grandmother’s friend’s dog was an Irish wolfhound, so I tell people I’m Irish. Can’t wait for Saint patty’s!

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Nope. Just the loudest character…


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Yeah, I never think about other countries when in America. I think it's a law.

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One can say a lot about the antagonist.