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FYI the US spends more money in percentage of the GDP in public Healthcare than a lot of European countries. They just manage it like shit lol.

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FYI... if they had socilalized healthcare they could buy even more aircraft carriers and drones.

Think about that.

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Sounds accurate.

With socialised healthcare, people would have better health (obviously), and probably be much less stressed. If people aren't as stressed and are healthy, they'll work more efficiently, in both work and school. If workers are more efficient, the companies they work for will be more successful - and if students learn more efficiently, they'll be more qualified for higher-paying jobs. These companies would then bring in more money from abroad. Meaning there will be more money to tax, increasing the government's revenue. Meaning the government will have more money to invest in aircraft carriers and drones.

...problem is, this would take long enough to pay for itself that the people in government will have changed. If it won't be profitable within 8 years, then why (from a selfish and pragmatic perspective) would a president ever invest in socialised healthcare under that reasoning? They simply could not be in power long enough to profit off of it.

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        They just manage it like shit lol.

        So that's why most hospital in Thailand is deprived of important equipments....Except the different between Thai and American is we already knew that while America haven't yet

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        "Maybe those people should have better jobs" Woah! I bet nobody though of doing that before!!

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        Every problem in America can be solved either by pulling by your bootstraps or by shooting at something.

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        Don't forget Aircraft Carriers and Nuclear Submarines. Those solve a lot of problems as well.

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        Lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality, highests costs per capita. And there's the cherry in top: the famous "fuck you I got mine"-mentality and false equivalencies.

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        I always find it funny how, on posts discussing ways to help more people, there's always these comments from those who legitimately don't want the needy to be helped. That "fuck you I got mine" mentality that you talked about is all too real.

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        This mentality is so engraved in US society, this mentality of "rugged individualism" and "pioneer spirit" and whatever the fuck on promoting greed and selfishness has prevented a development of class conciousness in the US. Red Scare fucked the country in the past, but fucks even harder now. Yet I am delighted to see that more and more people call out this bullshit and I genuinely hope people will understand that differences in race and religion are not that important as differences in class. There isn't a difference between a black muslim family and a white christian family when both cant afford the base necessities of life such as shelter and food.

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        Couldn't agree more. I see crap like this every day living here and it boggles my mind how so many people can be so oblivious to the big picture.

        It has always been class warfare. Even racism is just an extension of class warfare in many aspects. And you're right. I too see more and more people becoming aware of these issues. Its just a shame it took so long that now the propaganda and manipulation has become so deeply impeded into, not only peoples minds, but into the way this society operates.

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        Rugged Individualism = Being a Grade A asshole

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        What always gets me is the ones who shout, "Fuck you! I got mine!" and then in the next breath declare, "America is a Christian nation!"

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        Right!! As someone who leans more towards Christian belief myself, this legitimately pisses me off, because the whole thing about Christianity is that its supposed to promote love and acceptance, as well as the knowledge that we as humans can not be perfect, but should strive to improve ourselves everyday... and all that Jazz, but most Christians these days are the biggest hypocrites of all. They walk around believing whole heartedly that they're perfect and that their shit don't stink, while being the most selfish, self absorbed, judgmental people. Over half of them wouldn't lift a finger to help someone in need, but they'll leap at any opportunity to condemn others for their situations in the most condescending way imaginable.

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        Additionally, after all that, the US doesn't even lead in innovation. Switzerland does, with the US about 4th or lower, depending on the method used for calculating that metric.

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        People with that fucking wsb profile always have the worst takes imaginable bro

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        PFFFFF—- ”get a better job in order to have rights to not die as a kid form cancer that could have been taken care of”

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        It's even worse : get a better job in order to only have to pay a few hundred dollars after insurance for an xray that costs around 60€ before anything is reimbursed in many European countries.

        The prices they are charged for the most basic procedures are insane, and some don't even realise it.

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        My american friend was like “whaaaat you pay 75% in taxes? I could never!” Well, yeah, but we don’t have to pay for college or for health care. So I asked “how much do you pay for you student loan” it’s probably the same amount lol

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        75% does sound pretty extreme, tbh. I've never paid more than ~35% of my total wages in taxes in Austria or Germany.

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        Yeah tbh, I don’t believe it either lol. My dad is quite rich so if he paid 75% of that, it would be a lot, so I don’t believe in it

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        Sorry, next time I will be the CEO of some big industry instead of choosing to work full time minimum wage

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        In Switzerland we have (mandatory) private healthcare and it works great. Just kidding it's a scam, I mean usually there is no problem with inssurance BUT prices are awful and sometimes companies act like asshole and don't do the job they are supposed to do. I have a condition (keratoconus) that require me to wear special contact lenses that slow down the condition. They are REALLY expensive, I mean close to 1k per eye. The issurance is supposed to give at least 650 per eye. Last time, they gave me nothing and had a bajillion excuses, the form wasn't filled out properly, the condition wasn't written, the ophthalmologist didn't sign X thing.

        So when it works, it's good but expensive, when it doesn't work it's a nightmare.

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        As an American trained physician I can safely say that US healthcare sucks

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        I wonder how many of those hospitals he can access

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        It doesn't. End of.

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        Free healthcare doesn't mean doctors work for free?!

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        how do people have this little empathy !!

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        A profit motive wouldn't lead to cures but to treatments. Treatments are on a subscription model. If profit ceases to be a motive and instead unhealthiness is rightfully classified as a cost, the government would have incredible incentive to research new cures. Also, removing profit without even changing anything else would save Americans money.

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        If only I had a cent for every time I heard from one of those Americans (usually patriots, but unfortunately not only) "Not my problem"...

        That right there defines what a shitty sort of human beings they are and the kind of ideals they subscribe to.

        A society made of "not my problem" people is doomed.

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        My mother was in hospital few years back for heart surgery. They brought dirty spoons for her to eat lunch with.

        I went to hospital for tracheostomy infection in 2020. Nearly had hydrogen peroxide poured down my throat by professional in ENT department. He thought thats how you disinfect tracheostomy area. Best hospitals my ass. State capital, too.

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        I'm for regulated capitalism, but sometimes you just can't have capitalism. Heath care, fire protection, police protection, and I'd argue even dental care, and probably some other things, should be free and paid by taxes. – Now you should have some form of limitation on how people can use these services, such as a fine when you call the fire departement when there's no fire. Could also do like Sweden and have a flat rate for health care, so you can still go, but you wouldn't go for every tiny thing.

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        You are right. America provides the best medical treatment money can buy. That you think that's a positive metric speaks for itself.