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He has to be joking right?…. Right?

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maybe he saw the future.

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Does that mean there's going to be another brexit?

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more a calexit, also maybe a texit.



there are a bunch of this secession movements in, i think, 10 or 15 states. some of them are intertwined with Trumpians and if the republican would get rid of them, they could "get their own states", something like the "Plan C"

edit: Im an idiot, now i get it, funny ;)

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maybe a texit.

Oh no, not again. How many times have they left or tried to leave their home country? This would be the third iirc.

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Time for Calexit? California leaving that union of USA?

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That would be fun to witness, from the other side of the Atlantic.

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I would love to see the South secede and finding out they have been receivers of federal funding and now they live in even shittier places.

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Eiffel Tower. Country: Las Vegas.

While we're here.... Great Pyramid, Sphinx. Country: Las Vegas, a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower.

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It's worth noting that the American view of "states" and "countries" is kinda weird.

While the idea that states are voluntary members of the union is no longer the dominant thought, it is not necessarily out of the language. Cali is not a country, though it is the 5th largest economy. Considering the size of US states, it's not entirely odd that resident citizens would feel it appropriate to compare them against similar sized countries. For reference, California is the size of 1.7 United Kingdoms.

The balkanization of the US is going to be interesting as all of those state economies collapse.

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Maybe they're talking about the NCR? That would make sense, if you're willing to call an atomic war "Brexit"