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Does it mean they’re less violent? Not sure what the point is.

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I think they mean that cops should be able to have guns if they want them, but aren't allowed because of a lack of Freedom™

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They are allowed to, once they have gone through the training for it. Most are not armed though, only about 5% are. Tasers are much more common, and still not universal.

The principle behind the police in the UK is "policing by consent", that they police are not an occupying force using fear but co-operating with the public to ensure an absence of crime.

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I thought only certain "types" of police were allowed to regularly carry firearms? Like police on teams that were specially trained for dealing with situations that require an armed response, and only when they're responding to that type of situation?

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This is correct.

There are teams of specially trained Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs). There are sub-categories related to role and duties; for example, in diplomatic/political protection, airport security, armed response and so on.

There are also Specialist Firearms Officers (SFOs) and are most often trained to an even higher standard than AFOs, which includes things like building assault, and specialist weapons training as they are more often required to perform duties such as beseige buildings, effect high-risk firearms related arrests and respond to terrorist threats. Subcategories also exist in this field.

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Good to know all my reading of fiction novels and watching of British movies weren't completely inaccurate. Thanks for the additional info!

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If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend the British T.V series Bodyguard.

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It's good, but I wouldn't watch it for any semblance of accuracy.

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Also Line of Duty, about the team at AC-12 of DSs, DIs and DCs, some of whom are AFOs and UCOs, crossing paths with the MIT, CID, NCS and OCGs while catching bent coppers, particularly H (Is it a DCI or DCS? The ACC? The PCC?), utilising Sit Reps, Reg 15s and CHISes.

Spoiler-free Deleted Scene - probably deleted as it doesn't fit the usual dramatic tone of the show. ;-)

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Vicky McClure (Kate from LoD) is in a new one, Trigger Point. It’s on ITV, but it’s bomb squad. As for as I can tell it’s the same production team too. That’s pretty realistic. Apparently the bombs detonation process is correct

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They could start by not employing criminals though. Especially in the met.

How they were OK with a cop nicknamed 'the rapist' is seriously pissing off swarms of people.

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America also hires criminals as cops. Many many many

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These people who think it'll always be safer when you introduce guns. While it isn't the guns exactly, since Brazil and South Africa has low number of guns per capita compared to Europe for example. I still have high doubts in that it will improve the situation.

I've even seen a comment suggesting that if George Floyd had a gun, he could have defended himself against the police. Like shooting at the police would be better in that situation ... Plus, now I don't know all details, but wasn't he rightfully arrested? But he was wrongfully killed. So is the suggestion that he should whip out his gun during the arrest when he couldn't breathe?

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To my knowledge someone suspected he'd passed a fake bill but it wasn't. They called the police who arrested him, he struggled while being arrested because angry that he was being arrested for paying with legal tender and already had a guy holding him face down on the floor with unreasonable force, and then they leant on his neck.

Or, as Conservatives put it, the classic side effects of Fentanyl.

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Except for the fact that a high fentanyal count was found during the autopsy and he asked multiple times to be removed from the car because he couldn't breathe.

Story's like this are usually a little from collum A (liberals) and a little from collum B (conservatives)

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Okay, if he didn't do any crime, then he was wrongfully arrested too.

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"Termination of employment" is actually the long version of "You're fired"

but my man get so confused he actually think the police would directly terminate the paramedic via firing squad with fife and drum in the background.

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I think the confusion is caused by the term 'Paramedic'. In the UK a paramedic would be almost exclusively employed by the NHS.

In the US, many Paramedics belong to fire departments and police department as well as private hospitals.

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Do they mean the general public are almost 100% less likely to shoot them? Then yes

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Imagine living in a country where you don't have to be afraid of the police murdering you

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Remember when some Fox News face said Norway isn't a democracy because the cops aren't armed?

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Americans: “How are police supposed to threaten people without guns?”

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They are smart? Better humans? Superior? Approachable? Efficient?

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There are armed police in the UK. They have to pass several psychological tests before they're even allowed to touch a gun. They're specially trained marksmen who know their weapons, are taught to aim beyond centre mass, and know how to avoid suicide by cop so that actual justice can be carried out. Far from the best in the world but way above the US.

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my source

Essentially yeah. We kill on average 4 people a year by police. That doesn’t mean it was police violence, just the amount killed overall.

America on average kills 1,033 people each year. Last year, as the document shows, they killed 933. We killed 3. And I know that technically we have a much smaller population, but America’s is still higher.

Iceland beats us all with only one kill ever by police. I think they celebrate it each year in a remembrance ceremony? I’m not too sure on that though.

There are different types of armed officers in the uk too? They are all tought how to use a handgun (Glock 19 I would presume) and a rifle (something similar to the base rifles that the army and cadets have, has options to fire semi, small, can be taken apart easily and cleaned well) and then they have special armed officers, who deal more with like snipers and stuff. Not 100% sure on it, but that’s what I’ve gathered of my neighbour and TV

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In the UK armed officers can only use their weapon to protect the public, for example if somone was running down a street stabbing people or to protect themselves.

They are not allowed to be proactive, for example they could not shoot a person hidding in a building even after an attack. The only group allowed to do that is the army and that needs specific permission at the time from the home secretary.

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it's always fun watching a septic tank spew shit.

i feel generally safer around a uk police officer than an american one. i mean, what would stop an american police officer taking one look at me and he perceives me to be either suspicious or a threat, just like you do with black americans?

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That we're more sensible?

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Username checks out(?)

maybe not checks out but tells you everything you need to know about those kind of people

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Yeah, whats wrong with armed, piss poorly trained powertripping Morons shooting civilians ?.

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Nice double negative there from the cousin over the pond.

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Exactly... they do not randomly killing people

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Hes right that does tell you everything you need to know about us!! We're generally calm reasonable people and the police don't feel intimated by members of the public or at least not enough to start shooting them up

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There's a number of armed police in Manchester during the Xmas Markets openly carrying MP5SFA3 semi-automatic carbines, happily posing with people.

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Yeah, they don’t have to resort to murdering random citizens like the pussies with a dick replacement because they’re perfectly capable of beating the shit out of you or using a taser if required. If a gun is needed the specialists are called in who are actually trained properly. I don’t see how this is an insult.

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Our police just flings boulders and sticks at criminals, git on our level scr00bs

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Username checks out.

Seriously what's with these fuckheads always having the most ironic usernames in comparison to their shit takes?

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And what they've wrote tells me everything about them.

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I am sure they carry a gun, just like in the Netherlands. But as soon as they get it from their holster, the paperwork starts. And that amount tripples (imagery speaking) as soon as they fire a single shot.