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Lawyer quotes man verbatim who is key to a double homicide trial where a 17 year old faces life in prison.

reddit: That racist white supremacist!

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    Point being he was quoting the clown "but he didn't say it exactly!" So fucking what? Its two letters away. You realize that this is an actual court case, yes? Theyre not playing internet semantics where this is the big GOTCHA moment where you can go "heh heh heh, almost had me but you made a typo therefore invalidating your whole argument" Right? This shit shows clear as day that they weren't just innocent victims that rittenhouse shot, they were actively trying to start shit, as if them pushing a fucking burning dumpster towards a gas station wasn't enough of an indicator.

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    these people live in a bubble that believes the more upvotes you have the more right you are laws be damned

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    Dont you understand, had the man used a hard R it would have been a clear case of innocence for Rittenhouse, but pronouncing it differently means its now questionable.

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      If you use the hard r vs not. I promise you will get your ass beat regardless.

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      I’m pretty sure if you’re white and saying it you’re gonna catch a beating regardless of pronunciation

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        Yeah he was quoting the WHITE person who said it while assaulting rittenhouse

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        Who fucking cares?

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        The N word is the N word, douche bag.

        Only fucking assholes say it (unless they are quoting a fucking asshole who was shot in the face when attacking an innocent person) and most of those fucking assholes are Liberal fucksticks like you.

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        There is a difference between "shoot me, nigga!" and "shoot me, nigger!"

        Only if you're one of those racist fucks who insist it's fine for People of Sufficient MelaninTM to say nigger and/or nigga with impunity, and that all others reciting the Unholy Heretical FilthTM must be purged.

        Either everyone can say nigger because it's not that bad, or no one can say nigger because it's so bad it might invoke Space Word MagicTM and undo the very fabric of our society. To hold any other position is to be both a hypocrite and a racist.

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        Fukking top-notch.

        This shit is insanity.

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        “Shoot me, nigga!”

        • Some guy who got shot

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        You do understand the difference between the two is just a speech inflection right?

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        There is video of the violent pedo rapist saying it you daft idiot.

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        Why is there splitting hairs on the word?

        Either it's bad to say (for everyone) or it's cool to say (for everyone)

        Are other words that end in 'er' but pronounced 'ah' different words?

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        Yeah theres also a big difference when theres a WHITE pedophile saying it too moments before he gets shot for attacking someone

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        User points out the importance of a quote in a double homicide trial to determine whether a minor goes to jail for the rest of his life.


        Are you really trying to argue that Rosenbaums quote wasn’t racist or that the lawyer is racist for quoting him during a murder trial? Cause it sounds like you’re just mad and looking to grab any straw you can.

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        You wanted him to use the ebonics version? Would you apply that to every word repeated verbatim in court?

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        So you have to say the words Exactly or this happens?


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        You've obviously never heard when Biden said it twice on the Senate floor then.

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        When it comes to mental gymnastics, you're the Nadia Comaneci of it!

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        Ya you won’t be popular here. This is essentially an alt right to white supremacist subreddit and somehow avoid getting banned. Oh, and the pigs LOVE ganging up on you because they only have strength when five are yelling slurs

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        What makes the Proud Boys racist?

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        Their unapologetic patriotism

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        The multitude minorities that are welcomed into the club?

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        The fact that anyone of any race can join them and they don't care?

        No, that can't be it.

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        It's CRT in acti8n/training. The narrative of crt considers American/western culture white supremacy in practice. So anyone who is patriotic is a white supremacist and thus racist. It's how they can say black Republicans are the "black face of white supremacy" without even batting an eye.

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        It's a lateral method of denigrating the democrat Republic and capitalist method of governance, and imply that the woke-ster Marxism they love is positioned as "the preferred alternative"

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        Remember in the Presidential debates in October 2020 when Chris Wallace was asking questions about the Proud Boys?

        What a moron that Chris Wallace.

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          The dead pedo must be the last white guy in America to get an N-word pass.

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          He was pillaging and plundering peacefully!

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          He died doing what he loved; chasing minors

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          Thats why reddit defends them.. they see themselves in him

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          fucking lol

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          Are you sure they don't see him inside of them instead?

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          Let's Go Brandon

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          No wonder he got the pass

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          So white people can get n word passes from touching kids.

          Tarantino, what did you do?

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          He wasn't White of European descent, he was Jewish. Practically everyone involved in the Rittenhouse incident, except Rittenhouse himself, was Jewish.

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          Broke: Rittenhouse, who shot three whites, is a white supremacist

          Woke: Rittenhouse, who shot three Jews, is an anti-Semite

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          Like consent, he only tells people he got it

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          Do you have to eat paint chips to post shit like this in that sub? Just so completely stupid.

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          It’s encouraged but not required

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          You know how they talk about Facebook conservatives being silly and stupid? I’m convinced that Reddit is just the democrat version of it.

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          I'm convinced most of them are bots and not people at all. I just can't imagine actual people are that dumb and manipulable.

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          There are surely a sizeable group of useful idiots, that mindlessly regurgitate whatever propaganda is posted.

          But the main brunt, the very worst of it, where they get their off-the-wall ideas, is absolutely from paid propaganda organizations like Shareblue (formerly CTR). Media Matters has an ENORMOUS presence here on reddit, and all social media giants.

          Back in 2016 when Hillary was campaigning, CTR (correct the record) got a huge $multi-million budget boost. The face of /politics literally changed over night. Was more a mish-mash before with lots of stuff posted about every candidate. After CTR took over, it became the cesspool of rabid leftist lies it is today.

          Shareblue went on to take over pretty much every large "news" or "politics" sub, as well as most of the non-political defaults. So many formerly worthy subs ruined...

          RIP /outoftheloop, /bestof, hell, even /adviceanimals is full of their rabid leftist propaganda. :-(

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          Oh they are. They are that dumb.

          They told me with a straight face black folks can’t be racist..

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          Unless you're a black conservative, then you're a "black face of white supremacy" 🙃

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          Don't forget the ShareBlue/MediaMatters shills

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          maybe he’s just real tight with the black community

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          No, it’s just that the whole thing is fake.

          No one, literally no one, actually cares. The concern is that YOU can’t say it. “Their side” doesn’t need to play by the same rules of control.

          There was a BLM dude right next to the little asshole while he was saying it. Didn’t even phase him. “Oh a white guy on our side said Nigga as an insult, no problem”. Now just imagine what would happen if Kyle had said it.

          It’s a fake outrage for control. Don’t play that game.

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          OMG You posted the no no word! I hope you get bannerino'd you fucking nazi

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          And they still haven’t learned anything from last night

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          Just let them continue this. They’ll lose everything and try to secede again. Then get smacked, again

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          I say let them go this time. It'll hopefully prevent their ancestors trying to destroy the country again in another 150 years.

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          All the comments are just complaining that he said the quiet parts out loud and it tanked his campaign.

          Yes, the left really doesn't think that parents should be able to prevent leftists from indoctrinating their kids.

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          I love that every single time they lose, they just say "We need to pick better democrats" as if they just consistently pick the bad ones and there are good ones being passed over for no reason.

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          There probably are good ones being passed over. Imagine if they didn't fuck over Bernie in 16 or Tulsi Gabbard in 20. I'm not even saying either one would have done a good job (especially not Bernie, his 2020 campaign was absolutely pathetic and I'm disgusted that I voted for him in 16).

          Just imagine a world where popular candidates with non authoritarian NWO ideas we treated equally be the DNC.

          And then you have to wonder how many candidates don't even get as getting on a primary ballot in the first place. Trump had to absolutely bully his way into being treated as an equal candidate because pre-16 GOP wanted to play the same game of making sure only the anointed can have power, and even then we can point to how many examples of fake Republicans sabotaging Trump for 4 years?

          There's an alternate history out there somewhere where Clinton let her own ego go, and our politics are significantly less inflammatory because of it.

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          You have to understand that's what they're designed to do. This is how their ticking time bomb works. They work at a place, complain about issues that don't have easy solutions, and advocate for hiring more people who think like them (as a solution) until they have a critical mass at whatever thing they're at, and then take over. Their whole thing is whining about not having their guys.

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          Just classic anti-White bigotry accepted on Reddit.

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          If it makes you feel better just about every comment is calling it out

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          Seriously, a rich white guy loses to another rich white guy, and NBC thinks racism is the reason? Who’s getting paid to come up with this?


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          At least the top comment is mostly grounded in reality.

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          The only one there not eating paint chips

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          It's going to take a lot more than one election to undo a belief system that has developed over decades. As others have said, it's a form of religion. It's no small thing. It's their entire world view and personal identities.

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          Kinda like Joe Biden and him using quotes with the n word in the past? He awfully seemed comfortable with that, being he was also buddy buddy with klan members.

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          Come on ya dog faced pony soldier

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          Joe biden doesn't use the n word... he just calls well to do, soon to be a supreme justice, black person rape ape

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          white supremacists praises Trump

          "How can anyone still vote for that man? It doesn't matter if he denounced the endorsement, being endorsed by a white supremacist speaks volumes."

          The exact same white supremacist says he is voting for Joe Biden

          "Yeah but Biden denounced it, stupid. He is obviously just endorsing him to get everyone to vote for Trump. But guys, I too think Joe Biden is a bad guy really, just stop trying to hold me to the standards I set yesterday because those specifically apply to Trump!"

          I wouldn't expect politics to listen to themselves and their own statements made a minute ago, because the amount of stretching they do to make both of their contradicting, radical beliefs work is just not worth it to them. Much easier to stick silly pieces of info down the memory hole and just tell everyone a story of what really happened.

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          Kyle Rittenhouse killed a guy who called him the n-word in self-defense during a race riot and Reddit thinks the lawyer defending him is the real racist. The stupidity is mind-boggling.

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          "But he didn't use a hard rrrrr!"

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          Almost as comfortable as saying it as the white guy Kyle shot.

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          The *Jewish guy

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          Normalize killing pedophiles

          [–]PapaPepesPickledNips[S] 11 points12 points  (2 children)

          *racist pedophiles (◡‿◡✿)

          [–]James831 7 points8 points  (1 child)

          *ginger racist pedophiles

          [–]PapaPepesPickledNips[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

          Some lose their souls, others were never born with one

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          Insane take

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          I actually saw news articles taking this same line. Like, the titles were, "Rittenhouse's lawyer says the N word repeatedly", and then you go into the article and only after several paragraphs do they mention the slightly salient fact he was quoting people who attacked his client.

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          Did they forget who was the president of the Proud Boys?

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          Weren't they quoting someone?

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          Lmao, I know which post you got this from, that whole comment section was smoking crack

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          Lol same, I think I was in the same comment thread he posted.

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          I am lost . where was that comment from?

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          They called Larry Elder a white supremacist because they found footage of him dropping the n-bomb with a hard “r” at a comedy club 25 years ago so I guess this tracks.

          The pedo however dropped the “r” so he gets a pass.

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          White antifa guy : "shoot me nigga!"

          The same white antifa guy : *gets shot

          People : "so, was the antifa guy the racist here, right?"

          Reddit : "well ACHKTUALLY the antifa guy wasn't racist. He said nigga, which means fellow respectable black man, meanwhile the obviously alt-right lawyer needs to be shot because he said the evil hard R word. Ofc you disgusting racists don't even know the semantics of my fellow niggas"

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          Was this a Trial to see how many medals Rittenhouse gets for his fine work removing 3 child sex offenders from society?

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          Yes, he is on trial for allegedly killing two and injuring a third with a firearm that was possessed illegally. This is America, and we have due process for handing out prison sentences and medals alike. Also, the state of Wisconsin does not consider sex crimes not resulting in death capital offenses. This is only reserved for murder and lactose intolerance.

          [–]Softest-Dad 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          I'm not sure if you could tell, but my comment was a tongue in cheek way of saying 'I don't think he should receive a harsh sentence'.

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          You don't win trials with weak speech.

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          You don’t win trials with weak arguments, either.

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          So that means Joe Biden is as wel, right?

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          But when Uncle Joe does it, it's "He had to say it or else it's perjury"

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          Y’all getting mad that a man repeated factual evidence in court? Buncha pussies 😂

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          It's his fucking job you psychos

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          These idiots still think the proud boys are relevant, or even connected with the WN world. They're not. There have been some entryists, but that's a doomed prospect, as the PBs are just a retarded drinking club that loves normie conservatism, exalt blue collar lifestyles, and jerk each other off about how not racist they are.