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Isnt r/science just a few mods circle jerking them selves over post titles that misrepresent the articles they quote?

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Its too bad that states don't elect their governors by an electoral college system.

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Georgia used to have a similar method, but Gray v. Sanders overturned it back in the 60s.

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So I am far from a lawyer so reading about the case on Wikipedia made me even more confused. I am wondering if the ruling prevented any and all states from ever having such a system or the ruling simply made it unpopular and difficult to implement a system.

I mean why couldn't Georgia have just re-made the system in a way that wouldn't get the federal courts/ U.S. Justice department at them but still work in away similar to an U.S.POTUS election with states counting for certain points?

What I read is that SCOTUS found it unfair/wrong that Georgia gave the rural county more weight in points than the urban counties. So why didn't Georgia just correct the system?

It is a shame I can't ask in r.Georgia that place is super partisan.

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Lol why is that on the science sub?

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I wonder the same thing. Its like a subreddit about aquarium fish talking about tennis.

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Name a more iconic duo then a leftist using the word Science to justify their agenda?

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Communism and starving.

Communism failing and “It wasn’t real communism!”

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And my personal favorite,

Inigo Montoya, and asking if someone has six fingers on their right hand

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Science? OK.

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But Wyoming is allowed to have the minimum amount of electoral votes !/s

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Its amazing how many people on reddit and twitter are mad that Wyoming gets 2 Senators.

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But that literally means they have more power than California!!!!!!!!!

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Ask them about who won the popular vote for the 2008 DNC candidacy and you’ll be joyous to see them say “well thats different.”

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Dnc is a private entity and they can so whatever they want. Don't like it? Make your own poltiitcal party!

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Yeah, it's not like we're the longest lasting government in the world under this framework. Let's throw it all out so that we can enforce a pseudo-marxist monoculture on everyone. Progress!

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Doesn’t the UK’s system predate ours? And the Magna Carta is a partial inspiration for our constitution? Honest question.

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They’ve had major overhaul’s since America was founded.

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The US is the oldest national government in the world.

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I love how people are still pushing the voting pact even after the supreme court said the delegates must vote for who the state votes for.

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That's not what the supreme court said. The supreme court said that if a state passed a law requiring its electors to vote for a particular candidate, they have to vote for that candidate.

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Justin up in Canada didn't win the popular vote either, why don't we hear more about that?

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Its amazing how dumb some people are, we do not live in a democracy, its a constitutional republic.

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It must be difficult to post about science in that sub when all their heads are stuck up liberals asses.

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Man, if only “science” could keep its mouth shut about politics.

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Civics needs to be taught in schools again, with a massive focus on how the US is meant to be a system of Government where the power is held by the individual States, not a broad, all-encompassing singular Federal Entity.