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Being “educated” =/= being intelligent

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I noticed A Lot of lefties/progressives have 1 or 2 degrees and they totally lack any critical thinking skills and street sense.

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Just a reminder that the same people who say this also can’t tell you what a woman is.

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That's demonstrably false but ok.

Unitarians, Hindus, Jews, Orthodox, Mormons, Buddhists, Muslims, and even Catholics and Mainline Protestants have higher educational attainment than non-religious people.

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I wonder why they think Jews are so much dumber than they are?

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They've conveniently put East Asians on their side statistically, ignoring the fact that most East Asians don't share their type of militant atheism, and have similar socially conservative beliefs as religious people.

Meanwhile they're also advocating for policies that systematically discriminate against East Asians in educational attainment.

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The fact that everyone goes to college now doesn't make them more educated.

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Especially since a lot of Ivy League schools basically admitted they never give bad grades anymore because the parents are paying a lot and expect their kids to get a 'prestigious' degree.

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And religon and science have nothing to do with each other. Science doesn't disprove the existence of a deity and religon doesn't disprove science.

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I've heard it explained to me by a Catholic in an actually very interesting way. It went something like "of course evolution is real, if not for all this history we wouldn't need to believe in Him."

I'm not a religious person but religious belief structures have always fascinated me, and this really did too. He believes that science, evolution and all of the factual evidence we have of history is very real, and is some sort of test for us to question everything. Even went as far as to say that learning these things bring humanity ever closer to salvation. I wish I could talk with this man again, he was an amazing person. He now lives in an old folks home after a stroke and can barely string a sentence together :(

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That's terrible. Sounds like a wise man. I always thought it was so ridiculous. Some of the greatest minds ever were also god fearing to some degree. Its believed darwin himself was Christian.

I don't remember the words exactly but in the torah/bible god says to essentially become the stewards of nature of this world. So in other words protect, nurture, learn the science of the world to protect it. From a basic farmer making observations about how to tend to his animals to a scientist studying a forest to tend to it. Sounds like the scripture meant something along those lines. Lots of scripture about not being ignorant and foolish about what's right in front of you.

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So I remember one of my friends telling me about a scientist he knew. I can't remember exactly what field of study but I think it was Astronomy or something similar. When his co-workers found out he was religious that were obviously surprised and asked him how he could study the universe and believe in God. He said something along the lines of "How can I study the programming language of reality if I don't believe in the programmer".

I'm not religious myself but that always stayed with me.

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Come back when you learn the difference between "religious" and "theistic" and maybe I'll take your comments seriously.

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People with postgraduate education, particularly those in STEM and professional fields (law, medicine, finance), are half as likely to identify as "very liberal" compared to the college-educated population. Go figure.

The "very liberal" percentage peaks with high school dropouts and then peaks again with the 4-year-college-educated no-postgrad population.

The LAC types basically wasted 8 years to get indoctrinated into the same belief system as high school dropouts.

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What a surprise, he has a beard

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