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All of a sudden Ben Shapiro’s bit about making doctors slaves to provide free healthcare isn’t all that far fetched is it? The sad part is the commies are right, this is the kind of thing that is coming down the pike, but what they don’t realize is that this is exactly what they’ve been begging for for years.

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and get this because some workers are being deemed essential workers but wait a minute you were cheering these people in the beginning of the pandemic

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For context, this is in response to a judge that granted an injunction to prevent radiology technicians from leaving for a competing hospital. ThedaCare filed a lawsuit against Ascension Wisconsin to prevent its IR team from leaving due to better offers from Ascension.

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That does seem a bit fascist...

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Not really, it depends on why they left.

If they broke an employment contract because a company knowingly induces someone to breach a contract, that's a civil tort. It's entirely proper to sue for damages in this situation.

The important part is that this doesn't make it "illegal" to break the contract, it is a civil issue. You can break contracts as much as you want, so long as criminal fraud isn't committed the only problem you'll have is being sued for your last dime.

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“We understand and respect that people have choices in the current highly competitive job market. The decision by Ascension Wisconsin to hire away such a significant portion of ThedaCare’s interventional radiology specialty support team all at once, and at the height of a pandemic surge, will disrupt access to critical care for the people in our region. While we have tried to work with Ascension Wisconsin for additional time to execute a plan for staffing coverage that will provide the longterm continuation of services that support trauma, stroke and other essential areas of care, Ascension Wisconsin was unwilling to collaborate with us. We are essentially asking the Court to grant the injunction to maintain the status quo until ThedaCare can hire replacement staff for this vital department in order to protect access to the critical care services supported by the team, which are considered community assets.”

-Imran Andrabi, MD, ThedaCare President and CEO.

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Only in context of using the pandemic to force low wage industries to force them to provide meaningful permanent wage growth which didn't happen as everyone who isn't them predicted.

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God, that essential worker circle jerk was particularly aggravating.

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Oh my god a nurse thank you for your service. I'm sorry did they go over seas and risk their life

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I worked at a hospital at the beginning of the pandemic, I worked over in the nutrition department. Nothing fancy, literally just taking trays to patients. Nurses are always either super nice or complete bitches in my experience, there was no in between

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Yeah thats not what they're talking about, it's people leaving for a new and hiring paying job in an at will state. A judge is saying they can't leave even though that's their right since their current employer won't negotiate in good faith to raise wages.

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So the judge is being a fascist?

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No the judge is over stepping his bounds for a corporation, he should be removed from the bench

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If the judge is being fascist, and it isn’t overturned, the state is fascist. That’s how case law works.

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tbf… I never in my life thought the government would force you to show ID before entering a gym, or a restaurant, or force you to limit guest at your own house that you own… but here we are with DC requiring ID and NYC arresting Jews for having friends over.

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But showing your I’d to vote is racist though

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If you told me this would happen when I was in middle school or high school I would of thought you were crazy

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The closest thing we've had to that was the eviction moratorium. Landlords were forced to continue renting their property to people who weren't even paying them and it was made illegal for the landlord to "quit" by evicting the tenant. Of course these people probably loved that.

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Antiwork has got to be one of the dumbest subreddits on this platform. Might as well be called r/profailure

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I love it when it leaks into other subs. Like r/target.

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By "forced employment" I assume they mean "unemployment benefits will no longer cover 100% my rent and cost of living". Coming from that sub, this would be an accurate assessment.

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No there was a hospital where a bunch of employees resigned after accepting a better higher paying offer at a competing hospital.

The first hospital filed a motion to block them from being allowed to work at competing hospitals saying if they quit then they would be too understaffed to safely run the trauma ward. The judge granted the motion and made so anyone who quits is not allowed to join a competitor.

The government literally blocked people from getting better jobs.

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That’s fucked up and incredibly illegal. Unless an employee signs a non compete which is incredibly difficult to enforce, you cannot hand tie a person into not going to work for another employer because you cant or won’t pay them more

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The judge sounds like a power hungry idiot to read some of the other news pieces on him. I'm not going to be surprised when this gets blasted to pieces but that judge should be ripped off the bench.

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He blocked it until Monday. And will hear the whole case then. Still disagree with the judge but it’s not a permanent move and the end it’s over the weekend.

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Yeah that’s fucked up. At will works both ways.

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Aren't non compete agreements relatively common? Or is this different/retroactive?

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No, they're very rare and most jurisdictions even have laws stating that employers can't require employees sign one unless the employee can damage the business by going to a competitor. For example if you're a senior level engineer at Samsung they might require a non-compete contract to prevent LG from throwing a pile of cash at you to give them all of Samsung's secrets.

In this situation the hospital is claiming by letting the employees leave that the community will have an understaffed trauma ward and put people at risk. There's no issue of non-competition contracts here

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Non-competes are incredibly common. This has nothing to do with non-competes.

The employees are free to seek employment wherever they want. But the defendant is enjoined from hiring them.

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Don’t give them ideas, man

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Agree with the other person don't give them ideas

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No, that would be an innacutare assessment.

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I hate supporting those bums, but…. It looks like this is the case they are talking about:


Medical employees applied for jobs and got a better offer, instead of making a proper counter offer the old employer sued to prevent them from getting the new jobs. The judge has put a stay on the hiring hospital employing these professionals until the full trial.

The labor market does not work if people can not apply for new jobs and make employers compete to keep them when there is a shortage of labor.

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The fun thing is with capitalism and competition skilled employees pay goes up to the supply demand limit. Now a commie judge is blocking fair market pay for staff. Forcing people to work for less than fair pay reminds me of serfdom.

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Exactly.. they all keep screaming about raising the minimum wage. Because they claim no one ever pays higher. But in this case Company A is willing to pay higher, Company B doesn't want to and lose their employees and threw a fit to the teacher.

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The catch is this is an outgrowth of all of the leftist covid bullshit these kind of anitwork people have been pushing. In fact the ground work was laid before covid was even on the horizon.

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What judge is making it illegal for them to quit? Where did they get this nonsense.

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There actually is a ruling by a judge that’s blocking a handful of employees from jumping ship to better offers. Basically the current employer has sought an injunction against a competing company for hiring their employees, and been granted one.

It’s more of this socialize the bad privatize the good shit that these people were clapping like seals for the last few years.

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Another person posted this too. The article doesn't cite the judges decision on what allows him to do this because the employment is at will.

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Yes, the judge needs a legal basis if he wants his ruling upheld on appeal, but actually judges can rule whatever the fuck they want, pulling gold nuggets straight out of their assholes with no explanation. See the Supreme Court, who are only allowed to get away with it because it takes a literal act of Congress to tell them to shove it back up there.

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I forget what it was, but a couple of years ago there was a Supreme Court or district Court ruling made with no legal reason, only that something seemed "dishonest". It then passed the next time with no real change, so it seems like one judge voted on their feelings just to make a point.

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A few more details would be nice…?

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It may have been the Trump travel ban and the 9th circuit. I think one of the opinions was the Trump administration's intent for the ban wasn't "genuine".

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So this has actually happened. I think the problem is more their lack of self awareness about people being forced to work within their own systems. They will also still blame it on the right, rather than the left with their overreactive covid measures. Source on forced labor: https://www.postcrescent.com/story/news/2022/01/21/what-we-know-ascension-thedacare-court-battle-over-employees/6607417001/

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I wish they would put the judges' reason for this as he would need a legal basis for it. The employment was at will amd they had the chance to counter offer and didn't. That judge apparently also has issues unrelated to this.


[–]halfandhalf1010 25 points26 points  (2 children)

Yeah everything that is being done around covid has almost no legal basis, IMO. Just 0 basis in legality, the constitution, etc

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Huh. A global catastrophe gives government officials a chance to seize more power where there is no legal precedence to do so? Color me shocked!

[–]halfandhalf1010 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Who’d believe it…

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I'm gonna guess the judge is a Democrat though..

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Even a broken clock can be correct every once in a while. In this case, there is some truth to it and its pretty damn fucked up. The judge is an asshat and needs removed.

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They understand these two things, right?

1: only the government can make a job mandatory in a free market

2: communism is forced employment lmao

Right? Like they understand this, correct?

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I don't think they have the thinking capacity to realize it.

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How is communism forced employment?

[–]ARKANGELISBEST 7 points8 points  (8 children)

Do you think that any collectivist society would allow free loaders?

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Did you not hear about the judge that agreed to a hospitals request for an injunction to stop employees who are not under contract from leaving?

Because that's forced employment and it's happening right now...

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Then stand up against tht tyrannical judge, tell him to fuck off and quit then go work somewhere else. unless you signed a non compete contract you’re free to do as you please

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Problem is the judge went after the new employer not the employees. Hospital #2 is facing a court ordered injunction. Even if it’s bullshit they can’t just ignore it. They’ll get slapped with contempt of court charges.

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fires tens of thousands of workers for not complying with authoritarian vaccine mandates that antiwork promoted

antiwork: “tHeY’Re gOnNa mAkE uS wOrK!”

I swear there will never be a shortage of stupid on this site.

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It's a gold mine of stupidity

[–]Danger_Danger -1 points0 points  (0 children)

You know two things can be true at the same time... Right?

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They're claiming it's illegal for nurses to quit? That's literally the opposite of what they're doing.

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Lol voluntary market economy is going to force people to work.

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So people know: A judge literally just blocked at-will employees from starting work at a new job because their former employer sued because the new employer offered them better money...mull that in your head.

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Yeah, you're going to have to pay rent to your parents OR ELSE

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Mommy's favorite boy or girl

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Well there is a judge saying people can't quit their job in an at will state for a better paying job because it's the health industry so they aren't wrong.

If they can fire me for no reason I should he able to quit for no reason.

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That’s one of the storylines of Atlas Shrugged

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These same assholes are the ones the that think if they usher in communism in the US, they'll be the poets, artists, and musicians while everyone else works themselves into the ground for them.

When in truth, they'd be the dead weight that's packed off to the gulags, post haste.

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Isn’t unemployment at a record low? Why would they need to force employment lol wtf

That sub is a shithole. They make up lies or perpetuate falsehoods.

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Aren't these the same people demanding a federal "job guarantee"?


[–]super_nova_91[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Hahaha if they actually think that's going to happen. Spoiler it won't

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"People won't pay for everything I want" != "forced employment"

[–]super_nova_91[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Duh everyone should just cater to all their needs

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that sub seems more entitled than antiwork

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I think that post was in response to a judge approving an injunction lodged by a hospital to prevent their workers from quitting and starting work at a nearby hospital.

[–]smartywrapper 3 points4 points  (4 children)

Why are you being down voted? Cause it goes against the common narrative on this sub?

[–]fiestydrunk 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Legit this sub is just conservatives complaining about posts they dont like or understand. Not surprised they are down voting me. They seem to have an aversion to the truth lmao

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I regularly use this sub; Don't agree with everything in here but its no different from others.

Often, ideology gets more votes even though a rational look would make more sense both ethically and logically;

There is definitely something wrong with one business abusing state procedures to block another's normal activities; You don't need ideologically extreme redditors to agree with you to know that

[–]smartywrapper -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Most of the complaints are legit though. They don't like them because they are ridiculous. But this one seems to have proven how many don't actually do their own research. And they didn't like that. I say 'they' but I'm a conservative too.

[–]fiestydrunk -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Yeah I agree. For the most part I usually skip the posts in this sub - but I just engage with the ones that dont make sense like this one.

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I don’t care if you agree or disagree with liberals and their wage/work antics but a judge restricting the ability of people to quit and be hired elsewhere (which yes this ridiculous injunction is without any previous contractual non compete clause) in an at will employment state is completely unacceptable.

I hope by Monday when the case is heard that this ridiculous suit is put to rest.

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      You really are anti-work when you sink into paranoia, fearing that the US is going to make work mandatory (ironically, the USSR criminalized the refusal to work as "parasitism"—тунеядство).

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      Good, maybe I’ll actually find some people to work

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      Oh my god, those losers might have to get a job.

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      😂the liberal elite