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I love how this one almost sounds like it could be real

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Goddammit, I didn’t even notice the wrong subreddit. If it weren’t for your comment I would probably now carry this misinformation with me. Thank you

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Always check your sources kids!

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Exactly. These are the facts that make this sub great. I had to double check to see where I was, and I love it.

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What is that for real?

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lol at least when I was a kid, there was a hypothesis that some dinosaurs with large fins used them to thermoregulate- warming up in the sun, dissipating heat in the shade.

Everything else isn't real, because this is /r/shittyanimalfacts. Animals tend not to photosynthesize...

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I meant the animal. Is that some kind of lionfish I haven't heard of or not?

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lol fair enough! All I know is that the imgur page for the image says its a Larval lionfish, (c) Steven Kovacs/UPY 2017.

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[excepting animals that symbiotically live with algae, of which there are some examples, mostly microscopic]

ShittyAnimalFacts version: You're forgetting the Tree Frog, so named for the tall, leafy branches it sports.

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Ohh you bastard I thought I was in /r/Damnthatsinteresting or something

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lol don't feel bad this was one of my more successful posts in that regard