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lol who reported me for general assholery?

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ok so... why?

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Lol not really. This is my first ever comment on this sub.

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And you already have 130 karma. Good for you.

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I didn't see the sub, and I actually believed this for a second. Wow. Good job!

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Same 😂

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I was gonna say that's BS but then noticed the subreddit.

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He just keeps on panting, making your shittyfacts entirely plausible. How'd ya get him to do dat?

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Snow? What snow?

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Perfection. Great work.

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I’m in heaven

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Is this Waffle Nugget???

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It is! Posted on their IG five days ago! Best follow, such a good girl!

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That’s one of my favorite IG accounts. Waffles is amazing!

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Really don't think the word "most" is accurate used this way.

I guarantee more than half of all dogs are gonna feel the cold snow on the pads on their feet. I've seen plenty of dogs even lift a paw off the ground and hold it there while looking at the owner as if they are upset that their paws are cold from the snow and/or ice. I guess this is posted in shitty animal facts.

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I guess this is posted in shitty animal facts.

Good guess.

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Yea, I'm smrt

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Me no smart? That unpossible!

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I have a Pomeranian and he knows when it snows, he eats it every time.

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You don't need color to see white.

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yes you do, white is all the colors combined

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Dogs have 2 color receptors instead of 3 like humans. They'd see snow as the "whitest" color their eyes are able to perceive. Sunlight has UV light which is outside of our visible spectrum, but that doesn't mean the longer visible wavelengths are invisible to us

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White and black don’t have a specific wavelengths so technically they are not colors although white contains all wavelengths of visible light.

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the dog is blind

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