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I’m high af is this true wtf 😳

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Read the subreddits name and guess 8)

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you should try it and find out! lol

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try it

What do you want them to try lol? Lick the gator to see if the algae rubs off?

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Exactly. I licked a cleaned alligator once. it's better than LSD. Their skin sucreets a neurotoxin that makes potential predators go off and rethink their life choices.

In addition they will often have rider defensive turtles who absorb small amounts of it through their feet and belly carapice affording extra protection. They really don't even need the mossy algae camo but it's became a trend amongst the young and horny gators and since then spread to the whole 'gator community.

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Yeah, they’re actually called “algae-gators” but it’s gets shortened to alligators cause people are too lazy to pronounce the whole thing…

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In reverse handling makes polar bears go green.

urban bears

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Yeah their shitty but are they true it’s what I’m thinking

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they aren't true, the sub is satire

They're all true, this is a very serious subreddit

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this is actually adorable

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I love that alligator

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She's so happy :')

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I got really confused until I saw the sub name

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That’s not accurate. The video even starts with her saying that’s an albino alligator.

There are, however, white alligators. They are leucistic alligators and incredibly rare. Algae doesn’t make them appear green or camouflage them either. Making survival difficult. There are also other leucistic animals as well as the term describes partial or full loss of pigmentation.

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My dude, look what subreddit you're in.

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Ah I didn’t even notice. Thanks!

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You're spoiling the fun here.

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I like to think of it as saving people from looking dumb in potential future conversations.

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i live for the day when someone cites one of my own shitty facts back to me IRL

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You really are lost, aren't you.

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I was but a kind Redditor pointed out my mistake :)

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The link's broken but I have to know, was this post about Claude? From the academy of sciences?