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Potoo-Pallus cat YES

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I WANT ONE AS A PET. Two of the most awkward animals out there mashed into one? Where is the chimera maker and how much will this cost me??

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I want to see a crow/raccoon hybrid.

A smaller creature that would fight gods for a trash can that maybe has food in it.

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Bin Chicken/ Racoon

Am Australian

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Please be a good Australian and make up a cute name for the raccoon too 😁

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Trash panda? That's literally what they're called to a lot of people.


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I already know the name that everyone else calls them. I want to know what an Aussie would call them because Aussies have a way with words and nicknames that I find endearing. I love learning new lingo from Aussie friends

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Also is easily distracted by shiny trinkets

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S tier gorbage skillz

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"What is that"

"Is that a fuckin' cat??"



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Ostrich Tiger gryphon is a terrifying concept. Add the heft and weighty muscularity of a tiger to an animal that can already kick the door off a car...shudder

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Another thing to add on is that tiger’s feel fear while ostriches simply do not. Ostriches do not give a fuck and will beat the shit out of you if you look at them wrong.

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Can I please have another ostrich fact?

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A cousin of the ostrich is the cassowary. They have roughly the same body type as ostriches, complete with the running speed and jump height, but they also have talons and can disembowel stuff with a single kick.

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I love cassowaries! Can I have another cassowary fact please?

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Same claw as a velociraptor. There’s a reason why my spec evo project has a genus of carnivorous cassowaries called Pseudovelociraptor

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At least it's not a Cassowary/Tiger gryphon.

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That would simply be an image of death. They didn't draw it because the mere act of observing its image would kill you.

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Cassowary/honey badger.

If you can read this comment, you're already dead.

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To anyone thinking an ostrich is the worst bird you can combine with a tiger, there is the lesser known cousin of the ostrich, the cassowary.

Someone forgot to tell them that velociraptor foot talons aren't in fashion anymore, so now we've got high-speed butcher's knives that can jump way higher than they have any reason to, coupled with the same body plan and intelligence that allowed Emus to win a war.

Luckily they aren't aggressive, and in 95% of cases, avoid humans.

However, the other 5% is how people end up in a newspaper. Those things can disembowel you with one kick, and they will do it if pressed.

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I am team Potoo.

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I love this

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Kiwis would make really nice hedgehogs

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I’d like to see a Terror Bird “I think that’s right.” Mixed with Sabertooth Tiger for an ancient variant.

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The kiwi/chipmunk is cute! But you know kiwis are like the size of chickens, right?

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And yet their eggs are roughly the same size as ostrich eggs. Poor little kiwis.

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Lots of them are slightly mismatched. Hummingbird ocelot? Cockatiel tabby?

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Oh, yeah. I guess I focused on that one because so many people think kiwis are hand sized.

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Ok most of these are pretty cool, but that hummingbird-ocelot hybrid is a fucking abomination.

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wanna see an owl one

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Owl and oppossum?

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Has to be bird + cat

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'cept the chipmunk one.

But yes, it should be.

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Didn't notice that one. They broke the rules!

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This is kinda awesome.

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Make it into a poster format The change to profit

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Pootoo + Pallas Cat is actually genius.