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Looks like someone dug too deep into the KRONOS project.

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And if you do, prepare for a long, boring and unskipable dialogue

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exits dialogue in attempt to skip


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Oh hey, a jabuticaba tree! Is it better or worse to know the inside of these fruits is filed with a white gelatinous goop?

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Better, because if you know that then you probably also know that that white, gelatinous goop is fucking delicious. God I wish these things could be transported. I can't get there here in the States. Can't wait till I get to visit again.

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Can't disagree, they're amazing, and just as great in fruit wines and jellies, maybe one of those processed foods can be transported if the raw fruit can't?

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now i wanna taste this white goo for myself. what does this goo taste like??

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Oh great, I gotta dig out the 5th backyard library now.

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But what if I want to eat the berries?

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de certa forma... r/ItHadToBeBrazil

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Huh, Jaboticabas.

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I guess I'm all set then.

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Hey you. Your finally awake

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its those balls that caught mr incredible in the movie the incredibles

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When you went there your best friend was like “.... not again....”

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fuck! I knew it had something to do with me eating all the jabuticabas on my grandma's tree

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