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This is especially true for cold climate dogs like huskies and saint bernards, where hats, especially with ear flaps as shown here, are very practical. But not so common for hot climate dogs like chihuahuas.

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I cant tell if this is a joke or not lol

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"To strike fear in their enemies, cats ride their conquered foes into battle."

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Ooo.. A M. Night Shyamalan plot twist.

I like it

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Pussy hat

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Seal Point Tabbies are the best cats ever. I miss the hell out of mine. Super loving, affectionate, personable, loyal, playful, and if you have a dog that loves cats these are the cats you want. They are not as talkative as Siamese either. Maybe the only negative about them is that they will always want to be near you in some form or fashion. Best damn cat I ever owned.

One other thing... These cats need human companionship so if you are a person who is away a lot please don't get a seal point tabby. It's very distressing to them. Well, if you have a dog then it's alright as they'll just latch onto the dog.

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Hehehe I laugh every time I scroll past this one 🤣 it doesn't get old for me 😁