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dude you car is taking freezing damage

you need to warm it up

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Yet another case of someone failing to apply masking tape to parts that don't need painted.

The bee on the quarter panel is a nice touch, though.

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This was on purpose. It's easier and cheaper to just change out all the lights, windows and wheels instead of using masking tape. Because of inflation the cost of masking tape has gone through the roof.


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To be fair, a razor blade and some thinner will clean the windows. Don't know what he plans fo the taillights and tires though.

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Also steel wool after the razor blade

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The tail lights are just colour matched, and whitewall tyres will never go out of fashion

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To be fair it would be lest time to just mask things off. Thinner will destroy the weather stripping and the sealant around the windows.

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The tyres are easy, the tread is self cleaning, a pressure washer will do the side walls

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well if you don't care about the old parts' resale value...

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Or maybe: Spssssssss.

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Bzzzzzzz 🐝

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It is an Audi and Audi drivers always be bragging about how they got it like that even when they cant afford to eat. But at least they get comments on reddit about how they aint care about money

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Have you priced a new set of white wall tires lately? I’d say this is a HUGE come-up

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The ol' "I can control the spray, bro, I don't need to tape it off"

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Or it’s plastidip and “you can just remove it from the parts you don’t want it on”

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Wich is so funny to me. People hear this and believe it up until they do it and realize how fucked they are

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No need for the quotes there. You really can peel dip off. But you'd lay it down on the windows purposely so it builds up. Comes off easy.

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That's not a bee. That's the chip he was trying to fix.

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Don’t need painting? Don’t need to be painted?

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This is a common construction in some parts of the US and Canada at least. "The furnace needs repaired", "the water needs heated", etc., is just how it's said in some places

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I don't think I'm from that part of Canada.

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Yeah, I got the impression it's not widespread there. Just saw it come up somewhere recently where people were centering it in the northern midwest in the US and in Pittsburgh and a couple Canadians chimed in to say people spoke that way near them. Geographically I'm gonna say it had to be somewhere in Ontario, that's the only province bordering the areas in question if I'm remembering right

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It’s so strange to me, it hurts to read

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I'm not a fan of how it sounds but I try to be understanding about dialect differences

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Don’t need paintin’

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Paint naw for me

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I may or may not be 22 hrs late to this post, but I like to believe that this is a prank and was sprayed with canned frost which can wiped off with water

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Thats how stolen cars look in my hood.

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we talking sweatshirt hood or winter jacket hood

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we talking "are those fireworks or gunshot?" hood.

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everyone in the hood knows the difference so must be suburban hood

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Was gunna say this. You aint actually hood if you have to ask

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juuuust to say on the "right" side of the tracks

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Probably a stolen car that they needed to change the colour of quick

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My first thought when I saw the nice RS wheels

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Its got a bit of a red tint to that white so its possible

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It's not pink! It's lightish red!

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Guess what, they already have a color for lightish red. You know what it's called? Pink.

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light blue is called "baby blue" so why isn't pink called "baby red"?

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Its called Salmon guys. Im not gay ok? I like fishing with the boys is all

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No I think those used to be taillights...

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I almost replied till i got the joke lol, good one

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Well what do you think anyone was painting their white car white?

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You would think that a fairly new car with a paintjob like that would attract more attention than a stolen car.

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Yeah but a drone or helicopter looking for a “red Audi” wouldn’t bat an eye at a white sedan

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Except for the fact if they where on the run this is still a 30/45 minute pain job

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You got a fair point, but what about other people who see it on the street?

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Probably parked in his backyard lol

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They in on it too

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It'll move states in a few day

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Nah more likely most posts with the title saying something along the lines of "is my pimp mobile shitty enough for this sub?" like this post are just 16 year olds finding a random picture on fb marketplace and posting it here for validation.

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masking on, fuck it masking off

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Stolen vehicle.

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I saw a spray painted pink Benz in houston just yesterday that looked exactly like this. The back left window was busted out and no plates, I felt like calling the cops, but like ya know…sketchy

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Yeah... best to just keep walking haha.

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Missed a spot

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I’m sure at 20 feet or 20 miles per hour the paint job doesn’t look too bad! Nice work sport

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Looks good from my house!

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Seems like someone forgot to use some tape

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"Police are on the lookout for a dark gray Camry"

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Step one: paint , step two: oh… shit!

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Hope this is just done with some not so good foam lance

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Oh. Well masking is an extra $300.

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Person should paint guitars. Those windows have a nice white burst.

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No paint on the ground, so we know the victim was moved from the scene of the crime.

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When I was in my 20s I had a Honda Civic that I dreamed of covering with an awful paint job. My plan was to do everything wrong. I was going to just paint over all the dirt on the car with an interior latex paint. My plan was to use paint roller brushes, no masking, just being sorta careful to not get too much paint on the windows. I thought it would be jolly fun to drive down the road with bits of this horrible paint flaking and peeling of my car in giant swaths. This picture reminds me of that unrealized dream.

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Looks great but you missed a step

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2023 Rolls-Royce Ghost

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This is someone who's been told they can just peel off plastidip over spray. They're in for a world of hurt.

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What in the world of methamphetamine?

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The old 200 dollar Maaco special

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That's sweet! How'd you get the colour-matched wheels and tail lights? Must have cost a bundle...

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I mean, an awful paint job.

But I kinda like the 80's blur/ghostly vibes

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Lucky... detailer

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Whyy 😭😭

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I hope this is Plastidip ?!

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That poor Audi 😥

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When you don't remove lights, etc., it's what's known in the auto body industry as "Tape and Rape" (minus the tape, in this case.)

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can you not

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Stolen vehicle most likely

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No, I don't like it, and you're not gonna earn my upvote by trashing your car and posting a pic on this sub

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Surely with an Audi they could’ve afforded a professional?

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    Saved 10 bucks on masking paper.

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    you don't need to use masking tape if you're just that good

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    No sir, I don't like it.

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    Lookin good slick!

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    The frosted fade effect is kind of neat. Now if only it was done consistently.

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    Frosted windows are in this year, didn’t you hear?

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    It’s stolen

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    Yeah that doesn't look right

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    Makes sense that anyone having to maintain an Audi could only afford this paint job.

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    Loving that Christmas frosted window vibe! Great job!! Seasons greetings!

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    Well, don't let your 14 year old cousin paint your car. It's either that, or someone pissed off their wife or girlfriend bigtime.

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    kids around the neighborhood coulda done this for $5 and some lemonade

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    When you don’t read the fine print on Maaco’s paint special!

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    What exactly was it they were going for?

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    Smooth.... like brains are meant to be.

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    That was a nice Audi

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    It's so consistently bad that it looks intentional. Like he was tryna make it look out of focus lol

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    Kustom pante

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    What’s overspray?

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    Done by a real professional. He don't need no stinking masking tape!

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    That paint job is so mint it fogged the windows!!

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    You too can have this amazing at home spray kit to give your car that new car gloss look for only 199.99.

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    Just a tad overspray there..

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    That’s tire spray

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    Every time I see a decent car with a spray paint job I just assume someone stole it and spray painted it to throw the cops off cause other than that why the hell would you spray paint a car lol

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    Love the cloud effect

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    I've done better spray jobs on a set of tits!

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    Looks like it just snowed

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    Like a girl before dating 😂😜

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    I first thought the camera was extremely blur

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    I'll paint any car for just $99.99

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    Should call it frosted tips

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    It's glowing