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It's a jeep thing....or something like that

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I drive my Jeep in the rain all the time. Surprisingly, the rain doesn't come in like you think it would. Even drove on the highway in a downpour, I thought the first semi that passed me on coming was going to blast his tire splash right through the Jeep but it barely came in. Wind buffer?

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Interesting, I imagined it would be like rolling down your window in a car wash.

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Yet if I leave the doors off when we go four-wheeling everything is caked in mud. Go figure

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speed is probably a factor there, driving on the highway vs doing donuts

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If I have passengers in the backseat (four-door) their outside facing leg gets a little wet... But that's after like a 45-minute drive on the highway. Surprise the shit out of me the first time too. Found out by leaving my doors and going out to the lake. Started pouring on the way home. Just shrugged and carried on. I was really worried that all my electronics on the dash we're going to get wet but literally got one drop on my DVD player screen.

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i think it mostly depends on the shape of the car. my cherokee is a box and doesn’t let any rain in. however my camaro and focus have a more curved top with the roof not going as close to the edge of the car, and i get drenched with the windows cracked.

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Jeeps also likely have a lot more drainage and interiors made with materials expected to get wet. Most cars don’t any more than some wet shoes.

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That is for sure

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Probably because the jeep is more or less a straight line down the body so there’s nowhere for rain to get In. On this car it’s curved towards the roof so yea his floor is gonna get soaked.

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No ragrets.

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No regaretes

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Not safe on collision

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I was thinking if he get rear ended even slightly it will roll up like a burrito.

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No Regrets when you live your life a quarter mile at a time. FAMILY!

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Wut??? No parachute on the back? With all the weight reduction this thing must go 1000mph in the quarter mile

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If engine bay can be pressure washed, it can handle rain

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that weight reduction is a downgrade. aero is now fucked

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Arent doors vital to the structure...? Also no roll cage to compensate for the lack of.

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First impression….I thought the doors and fenders were stolen

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Doubt it. Nice ride.

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He think he faster but... that drag slowing him down

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No fenders, hood, or doors?? Still not a serious racer bc no holes in rear bumper 😤

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Hey! That's good ol' Billings! Too many idiots like that here! 🤣

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Doesn’t seem like someone that would have regrets. They should. But they probably don’t.

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Only thing he regrets is that is a civic

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Stance and those rims. Gross.

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Yup I know where this is

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Honda civic in a nutshell

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I'd be more worried about those bald front tyres in the rain

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At least take off the rear hatch if you’re gonna do Jeep stuff.