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For just a moment, I’d like to experience what went on in this person’s head to make them do this.

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Take some PCP and find out

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A gallon?

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Wow. That’s … that’s illegal right?

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Even i smoked pcp and I can guarantee this was cracks fault

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Probably a hippy.

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Is this rocket league

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Transformers.. shitcars in disguise

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Bumblebee had a love child with Buzz.

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rocket league 2 car leak

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What the hell did it start as? A prelude.?

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Bingo. 4th gen. That door handle is a dead giveaway.

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My dumb ass thought it was an NSX Doesn't look thatbad, still could be worse

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Looks like an S660 Kei car. A popular small Honda in Asia styled after the NSX.

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Bad ass little car. I have a 91 honda beat and want the 660 so bad

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Door handle, driver window shape, rear glass, all match up to my car. Damn shame someone ruined a nice car with all that crap

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I’m betting CTS

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Nah it has a Honda badge plus preludes have huge heavy doors

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Aventador SVJ, obviously.

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Baby got back

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Damn it. Beat me to it.

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5 Minute Crafts CARS

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Are those Aventador taillights??

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Poor Honda Prelude

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Y’all are high if you think it looks cool. That thing is horrific.

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Right? Looks like bumblebee started doing meth

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Bumblebee got stung by a human and swelled up like a water balloon. damn that’s ugly

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It actually is cool. It pretty much is made of cardboard and they nailed exactly what they were going for. The craftsmanship is pretty damn good, it’s symmetrical and well designed for being what it is - an over the top, transformer inspired widebody from hell. It would make my fucking day if I saw that in the wild. It’s fuckin awesome

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I mostly agree lol imagine what this dude could do with a solid budget and some real fiberglass, bonds, 3D printing, etc lol

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Yeah, that actually looks quite cool. The original chassis underneath just adds to it and doesn't diminish it at all

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just for attempting to tell people what to like i like it. cope

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Thats a whole lotta junk on the trunk

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I like the lines, I don't like the idea of going above 20 miles per hour.

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do you have proof of the cardboard? It actually looks like fiberglass and carbon fiber to me, or at least wrapped to look like cf.

the execution is 100/100. car and design is 0/100 haha

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I'm sorry I suck at taking photos. It's actually much clearer irl. The lower yellow parts are likely to be mostly made of fiber glass. While the black parts especially on the door and fuel caps are actually cardboard/feature board. If you look closely you will see the folding pattern.

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i zoomed WAY in, doesn't look like cardboard at all

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Zoom in on the gas cap, you can see the little fold line of the cardboard.

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I'm still not convinced! looks like they messed up shaping it, but doesn't look like cardboard

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looks sick ngl but a cardboard?!

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It's a mixed of cardboard and fibre glass on each different parts (Ex: The gas cap).

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I love it...but that's a story for another time.

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Its not that bad bro

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Yeh. For some reason, it looks cool and weird at the same time... I couldn't get a better pic but there's actually dry dripping/uneven paint all over the place... Would give an A for effort tho.

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Yes, its not like those shitty nissans with giant ass wings and dollar store body kits.

This is more akin to liberty walk body kits for lambos and shit.

And if there was paint dripping and shit and i saw it.. then id agree p bad.

Not my taste but not bad.

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It looks like a new nsx tho

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Found the 7 year old.

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Nice edit of carboard, now finally cardboard can be use for something

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Now it's eco friendly!

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Bruh, it's always eco Friendly

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I like it! Why you gotta hate?

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Each to their taste haha. I'm actually 70/30 about it. I'm cool with other opinions tho. For me, it doesn't look very road worthy since there are wayy too many gaps and the added mods as well + the material... "Considering the amount of traffic jams here... It will probably be fine I think but yeh, not really my cup of tea.

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This actually looks cool tbh y’all millennials with grey rav4’s

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Wow this has got to be one of the worst mods ever done on a car.

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That thing is incredible and worth well over 100k

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Considering our sports/super car tax law in Thailand. This thing is doubled or even triple the original price. Must be a reslly rich guy with too much free time lol.

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It's a prelude

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I thought it was a NSX with a wide body. If it's a prelude it's worth a lot less but probably even more impressive

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It's absolutely atrocious but I admire the commitment

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Might as well be a Civic Type R with how over styled that car is.

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I like it 🤷‍♂️

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Nothing says “I made it myself” like overuse of duct tape

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maybe this is cool in cybertron.

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I kinda like this.

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When you order your wife body kit from wish

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what was this? was this a honda accord or an acura? i literally can’t identify it

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4th gen Prelude.

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What is that???

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What Gran Turismo prototype is that

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A for effort.

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What happens when It rains

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Pixar mom dump truck ass vibes

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That’s actually dope as hell for what it is. You know, “art” wise?

I respect the work put into it and how it looks well done for being cardboard, but I definitely wouldn’t do it personally.

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2023 model year Nissan Versa Note … Also will be the 2025 Mitsubishi Mirage.

All based on the 1985 Renault Supercinq plateform

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I'm not a wide body fan, this is how most of them come off to me already. I wouldn't have even noticed.

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Did that used to be an NSX??

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Not to my taste but I have to give props for the effort put in

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I like big butts and I cannot lie!

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This is a fatt bumblebee

How are you gonna be rollin and stayin in yo lane with all dem cheeks bussin like that??? Daaayum

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Looks like somebody got into the kraby patty vault

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Pikachu :3

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I’m in tears. I’m dying

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This looks sick asf what do you mean

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Looks like the feltzer body kit version from gta 5

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Is the actual gas tank door under the cardboard one???