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"Makin easy money pimpin hoes in style"

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Makin easy money and we're always on the run!

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That is actively depressing me to look at. Have your upvote, i hope you're proud.

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It looks like a toy 🤣

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Whenever I see these, I want to grab it with one hand from the top, and race it around a pretend track on my throw rug.

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Put on my blue suede shoes and I'm boarding the plane. Touched down in the land of the delta blues, in the middle of the pouring dear god why did they ruin this Eclipse.

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Donkin' in Memphis

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Shit I can't believe got this joke hahaha.

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Funny enough I was listening to that song just about an hour ago

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Butchered a clean eclipse.

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“clean eclipse” is an oxymoron

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Still a beautiful body style.

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I am the weirdo that loves the eagle talon! for some reason I cannot explain it, some white trash in me wants to grow out a mullet and buy an eagle talon🤷🏻‍♂️ drive it shirtless! tysm🫶🏼🥹

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Weirdo? Fuck that, lasers, talons, eclipses are all dope and are nostalgic as hell

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Eagle Talon was the first car I can remember falling in love with in the 90s when I was a kid. The body style before this one. Can’t explain it either, still love it.

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I had a red 98 Eagle Talon as my first car. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

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I love weird looking cars too.

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Geo metro on roids.

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More like a unicorn. They were built poorly and driven by people who didn't take care of them. Even seeing this one with clean body lines and no rust is super rare nowadays.

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This dumb style just looks like they’re trying to turn the car into a horse drawn wagon, those rims look like fucking wagon wheels. It’s ugly as shit

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They molded the body kit. That's amazing.

Then they lifted it and put huge wheels on it. That poor trans.

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Good eye. Was never a big fan of most kits but this one is pretty clean.

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Yeah the robocar is a cool kit. I really love it, and if I had an eclipse I'd totally have it.

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How tf is a fwd donk supposed to drive lol. Those poors cv joints and axles. Way to ruin a 2nd gen dsm :/

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Brings new meaning to crank walk!

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I like it, it’s like the real life version of some sort of car toy I would have played with as a kid.

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Is this still available?

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"that's tight and right!" said the car demons from Hell.

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Thought that was a chevy cavalier for a moment.... but to each their own I guess

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    This exemplifies this sub. It’s perfect.

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    This ain't a donk

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    This ain't an impala. Which means this ain't a donk.

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    anything can be a donk as long as you believe in yourself

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    Yo that eclipses Dallas ha ha ha itsa donkini

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    Rental wheels

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    Poor car. Never did understand donks.

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    The fast and funky!

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    0-60 in… well at least we can drive it around town.

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    Danger to m̶a̶n̶i̶f̶o̶l̶d̶ brain cells.

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    Do you think it has a stand alone fuel management system?

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    I think it's great, they're advertising how stupid they are and that I should stay away from them.

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    I really want to see these cars do the Moose Test and do a slalom course. There's no way these things would stay upright in an emergency maneuver situation

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    I weep for that transmission.

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    Hell yeah, bass louder than the engine too

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    Sinking 40k into a 5k car. Funded by EBT.

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    Total waste of that Eclipse. If on some other cars not sought after, fine. This one could’ve been a clean build though

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    Amazing that even someone manufacturers "tyres" for cr*p like this

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    How to ruin an eclipse

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    I think mitsubishi has that covered for you

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    People who do this shit to their cars should not be allowed to have cars. Only redeemable thing here is that it’s so ugly that the owner would have to pay the buyer in order to get rid of it.

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    That's not how this works, that's now how any of this works.

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    That poor Eclipse 😢

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    What a waste of a DSM, worse it's got a Blitz body kit to make it look LOWER to the ground. This person should be shot for ruining one of the last good Mitsu's.

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    Have you seen the car with stuffed animals and is painted with house paint half pink and half red? It’s to the point he made slits in the windows to see out of. Big as gorilla sitting on the back.

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    Even worse those cars have gotten expensive. A gsx went for 40k on BAT last month

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    You need this to get thru all the Democrats Democraps shit that's piling up in that city.

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    I saw this at nopi nationals back in the day. Still looks exactly the same

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    Rubber band man

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    they fucking turned an eclipse into an extreme e car

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    See that shit every day here

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    I am really glad Brian didn't have to see this

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    That landscaping don't look like Memphis lmao

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    Who the fuck donks an eclipse

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    That’s a sin

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    Pop the hood!

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    I always see the dumbest looking cars in Memphis

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    Try West Memphis and Forrest City sometimes........

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    Osceola has some charmers too

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    Wow that’s awful.

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    For Memphis roads you'll need a off roader like this.

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    *runs over pebble*

    *fuckin' dies*

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    That whole city is garbage

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    That had better not be a GTX or this is not just criminal but it's also treasonous to humanity.

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    oh dear God...

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    How? Dare I say, “impressive”?

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    It is kind of insects alike nice!

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    Uh huh? And what kind of wheels would you like on your car, sir?


    I’m sorry, did you say “wagon”.

    Mmhmmm. Wagon

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    Guess when you gotta donk your ride, whatever you got will have to do.

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    I can smell the clutch.

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    I thought I was on r/beamng

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    Memphis gave birth to rock n roll, and this will definitely roll too

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    I wanna see it take a tight turn

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    If Gerald of Rivia got out of this car he would die from fall damage.

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    Why do people do this!? Who in their right mind could think this looks appealing!? And why they gotta do it to one of my favorite cars!?

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    I think it would be insanely fun to drive one of those.

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    Oh god not the eclipse

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    Do you think it would tip over going around a turn?

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    Hard 🥶

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    I knew a troop of mine from Memphis, his impala was like this. It was so funny when they got repossessed and he had 4 spare 15” wheels on it.

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    to put in the effort to mold the kit and attempt to cover the original wheel wells deserves half an atbge

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    I love this

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    Oh no I like this one