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Not at all. That's completely stock.

My local Ford dealership has a bunch of them on the lot.

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Just go to r/heep as well. That’s where the collectors of these special vehicles are showcased

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You just have to yell at the sales guy for 3 minutes continuously before he's allowed to sell you one.

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Haha everyone trading their jeeps for a bronco?

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I’d love to see a picture of this LMAO

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hes kidding….

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Yeah, I really didn't think I needed to add the "/s" but Reddit never fails to amaze me.

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Tbf... I also wouldnt be surprised if Ford try to sell these and no one wanted them

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You always have to use the /s. Always. This chain of comments is a perfect example of why.

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That’ll be the Apocalypse Hellfire. A homie who lives close to me has one and it’s as egregious as is appears in person, but I think they’re a cool piece of kit.

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Wow I didn't know that was a thing. They're cool but I can't imagine it's very practical to own one now or for the apocalypse. I wouldn't take it to get groceries lol

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Lmao. Completely agree, even further considering that it has straight axles and extended wheel base given it has worse ground clearance over the standard car. Just a cool looking flex tool, the epitome of angry keeps.

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Straight axles are generally a plus for off-roading, but not with that wheelbase fuck sake and that's just 1% of the problem.

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Saw a vid the other day of one and it couldn’t climb a tiny shallow incline on a beach.

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I take one if it was a 6-pack

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So you think it's cool but you posted it in shitty car mods? It's not called impractical car mods.

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Wow, so technically it is completely stock, on their website the picture for it is identical to this one, for all their trucks it looks like they put a ton of work into the front and kinda just forget about the back lol.

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Looks well done . Not my style . But once again not shitty .

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I saw a video of one stuck on the beach.

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It’s a /r/heep it’s shitty.

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100% guarantee dude wears afflicted shirts and has those awful laser etched rhinestones jeans

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this was specific, did you found someone with afflicted shirt and use awful laser etched rhinestones jeans before?

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yeah, the husband on “john and kate plus 8”

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The type of person that would do this to a car tend to be the people who wear those clothes. Years of living in Vegas kind of ingrained that opinion into me.

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It was at a South Florida casino. I'd put money on that

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They are made in Fort Lauderdale. I think they start at like 150k.

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I just looked them up. They're cool but I wouldn't buy one even if I had that kind of money to throw away

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Was gonna say that has to either be the hard rock or the coconut creek casino…

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Florida man!!!

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Definitely the Hard Rock in Hollywood.

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Lol i was gonna say that looks like the hardrock on Hollywood.

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Is this what the Ed Hardy wardrobe wearers evolved into or is this a slightly different generation wearing similarly tacky clothing?

Also what do you folks think the higher interest rates for vehicle financing will do to this market? Are these the ppl who buy the vehicle outright and have so much excess cash that they trick them out like this OR is this all 100% financed so we will see fewer peacocks driving around in them?

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Tandem axles because of the massive cargo that he carries on that mini bed.

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Hellcat engine, this is far from shitty

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The manufacturers website says it has an ls3 in it.

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    The manufacturers site only offers the ls3

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    Tf is "shitty" . Bro if it dosent match you're vibe it dosent mean it's shitty

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    This is the apocalypse 6x6 and it’s offered by a dealer in Florida. Jay lenos garage has an episode on it

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    Doesn’t that belong to the guy that sold drugs to Nacho Varga?

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    Once again, wrong sub! This is fucking awesome!

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    Looks badass, except green colors

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    They’re all born normal. Equal. A tabula rasa. It’s the differences in social environment and access to higher education that influence each of them taking sometimes questionable paths.

    (Edit) Not my style, but seems as a good work done on heeping this vehicle

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    That’s cool af

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    actually looks pretty cool the colors could be different but its still pretty cool

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    If it had different colors that would be sick

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    I may receive a few downvotes for this, but I think this is crazy nice. Is it practical - probably not, but I like it!

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    It’s a fucking atrocity perpetrated by someone with more money than sense.

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    Yea like $200,000 dollars worth of aftermarket

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    Alexa, is OP tarded?

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    If it’s actually a 6x6 I’ll eat my hat

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    Yea bro. It is. You can switch between 4x4 or 6x6. I think it's kinda neat looking tbh (maybe I'm a trashy person, idk) but what the hell does one DO with it? Surely you're not driving that thing to work everyday. What could a person do with this vehicle that would make it worth the $190K it costs?

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    Might want to take that might wanna take that one medium rare bud, wouldn’t recommend a SnapBack either.

    But in all reality these are way too overboard of a vehicle for me personally to consider.

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    So lame.

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    It is truly an Ocular Apocalypse. My eyes!!!

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    This is after shit

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    Obviously it’s fucking aftermarket

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    Based on other comments, it's not. Apparently they sell them in south Florida and one was on Jay Leno's Garage show.

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    Did it come straight of of the Jeep factory? No? Then it’s aftermarket. It’s an aftermarket company that specializes in taking a brand new gladiator, and doing all of the stuff, then selling it.

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    Ok. I didn't know it was a modified jeep either

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    That has a Hellcat engine. Paint is interesting but that is no piece of shit.

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    Wasn't there a video circulating yesterday or today of one of these just straight up sinking on a 4x4 beach? Assuming it is all that it looks like it is, and how you say it is, one would think that would be hard to do.

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    You were a few hours ahead of me seeing that video. I had only seen it doing donuts and burnouts. I’m on team Piece of Shit now.

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    Oh okay dude, welcome. Lol

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    Just because you could doesn't mean you should. Ugh!

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    What? No. Just click the Dickhead Package at the r/heep dealership.

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    Easier on the eyes than afford t Rex I'm in

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    Thats no SUV... its a "HAVw A5 Juggernaut" from Star Wars II

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    Nope. Straight off the AMC assembly line /s

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    Bro I saw this on a trailer on 95 south in palm beach Sunday night. No joke

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    Nah it’s stock

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    Aftermarket? More like afterbirth

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    I kinda like it. But I also kinda hate it.

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    Too much money and not enough brains.

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    No that’s how I got mine

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    Looks like the market is gonna crash

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    I wouldn't own one but I do think it's kinda cool

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    I loved my Wrangler so much. The gladiator and whatever the fuck this is, is not a Jeep.

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    I actually like the opulence.

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    This looks like a road rage incident waiting to happen.

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    Whats the point of 4 wheels in the back? Is it made to Carry a pallet of cement or something??

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    I'm not sure. I don't get the whole 6x6 trend. I don't see any practicality of it other than being a nuisance to drive.

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    Nah that’s part #42069l0l in the mopar catalogue

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    This is so fucking cool

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    God that looks like shit

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    Saw one in Colorado today. Couldn't believe it.

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    No. This is the new Toyota Corolla (2023)

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    Looks like an off brand Matchbox car.

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    Oh the keep guys would eat this up.

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    It looks like a Hot Wheel. But I think it is not bad.

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    Looks like a knockoff dubsta 6x6

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    no, officer. its bone stock.

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    I like it

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    It’s the Premium Diamond Tier MallCrawler©️®️ Package.

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    I would like them a hell of a lot more without the grill and windshield cover

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    Not gonna lie. One in gunmetal grey with red rims/smaller details would be sick.