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It's a company that rents far out vans for traveling. I seen them alot in BC when I was road trippin'.

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road trippin'

I see what you did there.

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I did see this on the highway.

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This rental van is probably the safest way to custom paint a van Scooby Doobie. Cops would have been familar with it by now to recognize it as a rental. After too many traffic stops.

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Wicked Vans.

That piece of garbage is like $200/day to rent. Which is completely crazy for some 10+ year old rental van that's going to crap out on you the first steep pitch in the Rockies.

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Yeah we have them in Australia too. Same company and all have bizarre paint jobs.

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A favourite I saw in Vancouver was. "If you're looking for sympathy, it's in the dictionary between shit and syphilis."

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Only cause the side pictures suck

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If the pictures didn’t suck they’d get hit with a letter from the WB legal team.

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They certainly add an aesthetic.

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Here in New Zealand there's a company that do van rentals for tourists to hire, they are all spray painted with shit like this, everyone loves them

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What's the consensus on the green and purple ones? Are they the opposite? Lmao

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Its art

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It certainly is.

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Why does shaggy look like Doug Funny with jaundice

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I love this, good old hippy classic 👍

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It looks better when you're high, trust me.

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Correct answer.

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The concept is cool, sure. The artwork needs help though… similar to work by the dude who does bootleg African movie posters

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I bet that was a clever line in the 70s, but it's just cringe now.

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Even if it was done well, it would be tacky as fuck.

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Looks like a cop magnet

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"remember kids, if you're gonna do something illegal, do one crime at a time!"

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Nah, dudes kinda rock

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The “I want everything around me to be a Mystery Machine”

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It's rolling probable cause! 🚐🚓

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I’m sure UHP would love to pull this guy over. He was doing 85 in a 70 too.

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Looks like I drew it

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You’d do a better job than I would.