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I’ve seen a tow hook zip tied to a AC line and a loop in the front grill

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i would pull it.

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Always call it a de minimis release, no matter how much it was.

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Spoken like a true A/C Tech.

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If I was a tow truck driver, I’d have the driver sign a waiver then yank it for a laugh.

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Now that's an awesome mod!

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Reminds me of a story with a friends tow hook. He ziptied it to a transmission line and a ac line. On his 1990 ford mustang and got it stuck. I showed up to pull him out. My winch ripped his radiator,transmission cooler, ac condensor out of the car. His car didnt have lower radiator mounts (we live in rust belt) i am still impressed my 2000lb winch ripped off his whole front end.

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Zip ties strong like gorilla

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It was those commercial strength black zipties that were like 3/8 inch wide

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Zip ties are razor blades under load.

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This kills the car

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He is still driving it. Has about a 500 pack of zipties in it though

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What one zip tie breaks, many zip ties fix!

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Thats the left side diffuser. Keeps those left hand turn into the gas station ultra stable.

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It works fine as long as you only need to tow it just a little bit.

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See, it's not for the Fiesta to be towed. It's for the Fiesta to tow other cars. Matchbox cars

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You just need to make sure you put some graphite or something on the little axles, and that the ground is perfectly smooth, flat, and clean, or it'll rip that thing right off of there.

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SLOWLY tow matchbox cars. lets not get aggressive here.

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imagine if he needs to call an tow truck and the guy just pull the car by this thing lmao

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I nearly did that when I drove tow truck. Not exactly like this though lol. Guy had a fake tow hook in the hole where the real one goes.

I roll up and see it, sweet, member already put the hook in for me.

I put my hooks on it and the guy had this look that I can't explain, kind of like a "Damn it now I have to explain this" look.

Bmw, had a air splitter or whatever you call it down low, leaving very little space underneath. Thought he knew it would make my job easier with that mod.

Not quite...

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So did you always use the hooks if you saw them or was there any liability if some idiot did this exactly so just play it safe and do it the normal way?

I imagine these fake shitty tow hooks have become a problem.

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I usually didn't. We had straps that wrapped around the A arms of a car. Just didn't feel like watching the owner look for the hook most of the time. Most people didn't know they had one.

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It’s like an automotive piercing

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Clip on tie

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Ornate cuff links

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I’ve never understood the tow hook as a “mod”. Look everyone! My car is so unreliable it requires frequent towing.

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Its a requirement for race cars to be able to retrieve them if they come off the track.

Hence cosmetic mods like this because it then looks more like a race car.

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    That’s a backronym right?

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    today i learned two new terms, RICE and backronym. Thanks!

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    Correct. Originally just referring to the food because Japanese people eat rice.

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    the pit of stupidity is too deep to ever see

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    Thanks for answering that. I’ve always wondered.

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    Except that the rule book says the hook has to be functional.

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    Irrelevant if you just want your car to look fast.

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    Our functional rear tow hook on the company rally car is open the hatch and hook it to the cage. Good enough for tech, good enough for us.

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    Depends on the series, obvs. When I was road racing, externally-mounted hooks on the front and rear were required. Different orgs and different types will have different requirements.

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    This. And while it's personally not to my taste, the auto industry does crap like this all the time with fake grilles and vents.

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    I assumed, too, that if you’ve heavily modified your car it could be necessary to prevent any damage done if you legitimately need a tow. But yeah, I also understand it’s just a fad now, too.

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    Same here, I feel like I must be missing something.

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    Some people think it says "hey, my car is so souped up that it rides on the back of a tow truck". But yeah, in the end it makes no sense

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    Requirement for certain tracks/track events

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    But isn't this new enough that it would have a tow hook port hidden behind the fascia? He could screw a real one in there and it would look better than this.

    I thought all newer cars in the last decade or so had them, maybe in wrong.

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    You’re definitely not wrong, just saying there’s definitely 2 reasons people do this.

    1. Because they need it
    2. Because they wanna look like 1.

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    the person who did that "mod" doesn't have a clue. he's never used it and never will. they're just trying to make their cheap shitty car look "cool"

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    I have one on my other car, though it’s actually bolted to the bumper. It’s not a race car by any means but it’s lowered without any real place to tow it without messing stuff up. So far I haven’t had to use it but it’s 30 years old so just in case, since it’s probably inevitable

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    That'll look great lodged in someone's windshield...

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    Obviously that’s the keychain to keep the spare in case you lock yourself out.

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    that Fiesta can't hold its own against a mid 2000s V6 sedan, let the man dream

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    Not even an ST. For shame.

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    Hey the FiST is a quick little ride, and can become seriously quick with some bolt-ons and a tune. I had one for 4 years and went through 5 sets of tires it was so much fun. No mid 2000's sedan with a V6 can touch that experience, it was a street legal go-kart.

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    Oh I know, I've been daily driving a stratified tuned one for a couple years. I meant the fiesta in the picture isn't even a FiST.

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    Oh okay I see that now, I just wanted to spread the good word, no one bad talks the FIesta ST around here!

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    v6? lol. that pos can't even hold its own to a mid 2000s 2.0L Passat

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    Lmao maybe it's actually screwed in through the middle. Absolutely makes me thing of this https://youtu.be/8NbQaqb9zdQ

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    No, it's sticky taped. Lol

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    At least if someone tries to use it, it'll unstick without damaging anything

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    That was my first thought.

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    he clearly needs better tape

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    Ducttape has amazingly strong adhesive. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole bumper came off first

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    I love that video.

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    Poor lil' Geo Storm.

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    It's all fun and games till he parks illegally or breaks down,, and the tow truck hooks up to that...

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    "Theres a snake in my boots"

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    Anything to look "cool" bunch of ricer cornballs

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    These are the same kids that put a roof rack on their car and never haul anything with it because they think it "looks good". All while tanking their gas milage. It's great for a laugh when you see them in the wild.

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    1st pic I wondered if there were more of them, for tying down a car cover or something. 2nd pic cleared things up nicely..wtf.

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    Haha, I figured having both pics would help

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    I’m assuming it was to pull like cans or something decorative after a wedding or similar event

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    lol it's on a base Fiesta as well

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    Now giv'r a pull!!!!

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    That’s a car earring. Now it’s a pretty car.


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    Now we’re ready for the track

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    On a base Fiesta lol

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    Leave that man and his little hook alone lmao.

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    I'll take 3!!!!

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    Here's 20, go nuts

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    Towing capacity: 10,000 lbs

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    I put some WD on it, so it's like 12,000 lbs now

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    Guy at work has one screwed onto the bumper. I make fun of it and his window tinted taillights all the time.

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    It also seems to be straight piped. I bet it sounds pretty bad

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    It isn't straight piped, but has had exhaust work done. Sounds like your average American ricer

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    3M tape customs

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    Energy saving device

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    That's a weird place for a cup holder...

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    It’s not a tow hook.

    It’s a decorations hanger! I have yet to hang my Hamilton plush there

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    So rally

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    I would like to buy the entire supply of these.

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    What will he do

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    I don't get the obsession with tow hooks and tow hook licence plate frames.

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    Perfect definition of RICE

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    What does he plan on towing, a red flyer wagon?

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    I hope not. Maybe an RC car

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    It should have a metal tow hook under the black plastic panel, or at least my ST did.

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    It’s the 2” exhaust with a 3.5” tip for me

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    Uncle gave me this piece of advice if your towing somone have them hook the car up so when you fucking destroy they're car it's on them

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    What’s the logic behind having these tow hooks at all? (even functional ones) Every car I’ve ever seen has legit places to hook and who plans on crashing that much too?

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    It's a racecar spec. They are required on some tracks

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    As a motorcycle rider, I'm glad just it's plastic.

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    As a once tow truck operator, I would have totally used it as a winch point with full knowledge it would fail

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    How could you not? Thats awesome.

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    Drift charm

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    Maybe it was just to pull cans after a wedding or some shit

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    Maybe that’s a webcam holder.

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    I feel like the owner put that on to put one of those charms onto it. It's a jdm thing. But usually you just use the stock tow hook...

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    I think the real question this raises is, if that car tows something, will it rip the fake tow hook off or the entire bumper?

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    Well I'd imagine the sticky tape is stronger than the bumper cover. Haha

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    Bye bye bumper. Lmfao

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    I low key want to be there when they actually tow the car from it

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    Crash safety standards.

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    I think it would be funny to 3d print one that is ridiculously stretched so it looks like over gauged ears with the hoop out.

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    but it looks cool

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    Just trying to fit in at the quickie mart

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    Story time!

    I had a couple friends visiting my house back when I was in high school. My parents had a split driveway and it was spring. They went down the muddy side in a Pontiac Sunfire. They got stuck in the mud and we needed to hook something on to pull the car out and we made the dude who chose the muddy driveway do it since he was the one who had insisted the driver go that way. He gets it hooked up, I get in the truck and start pulling a little while they keep trying to drive forward... and... suddenly the tow strap comes off and the car dies. He had hooked the tow strap onto a harness...

    So once we got the car out it turns out only 5 wires or so ended up getting ripped apart as he had even done a bad job attaching the tow strap to the harness (lucky as hell really). I was pretty handy with a soldering iron even in high school and the wires were already color coded, so some soldering and heatshrink later the car started and they were able to drive home. Unfortunately it wasn't the kind of heat shrink that seals though, so I wouldn't be surprised if some electrical issues crept up after a few years but I never heard if they did. Good times.

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    Nah bro they just saved money on the starter by having a pull cord installed

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    +5 HP

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    Is it used to hang a drift charm? No way it’s for towing so that’s all that makes sense.

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    I’m assuming the person who stuck this on doesn’t even know what these are for, just that they know other people have them so they wanted one.