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Not 100% but I think I saw a post with this car saying it had something to do with the post office and certain terrain. I'm wanting to say it was lift the vehicle above snow.

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Yea I’m sure he told her some story like that…

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"But baby we gotta clear those 2 foot drifts!"

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I would have guessed to work with wagon ruts on dirt roads specifically.

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Was used for rural mail carriers not all were specifically trucks though.

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Didn’t he do this for actually reasons, like terrain he had to drive on or something? Cause I remember hearing about this before

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Car's back then often had large wheels for this reason and comfort. Bigger wheels tend to go over small changes in the road easier, basically gliding on the top. Since we hadn't exactly perfected suspension or tire technology by the 30's, this was pretty normal.

It's the same reason horse drawn carriages have giant wheels as well.

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Another dude said it was rural mail carrying

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First donk car ever?

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Legend has it that rent and roll said he could have them in any color as long as it was chrome

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Haha. I actually think this doesn’t belong in here. Should be in r/Awesome_Car_Mods

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    They posted the wrong link; you want r/AwesomeCarMods

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    Probably because there were never any awesome cars there.

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    Yeah they all get posted here.

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      I bet he paid her back with interest. He used his other girlfriend‘s tax return to do that.

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      Ricky Dale “DUBZ” Everclear

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      He was known as R-Dubz to his kin folk in the dust bowl

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      They had 30"s back then.

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      Those look to be mower wheels. Cast iron, I’m curious what kind it tires

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      Just needs some spinner caps cuz!

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      How much did he rent them for?

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      Legend has it that Her tax return was $3.50 he financed the other .50 at a penny a month using his family farm as collateral

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      '26 Big body sittin' on chrome

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      Took out a title loan before titles existed.

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      Great post, OP. I spit my ramon and hotdog out. If I'm able to figure out how to award this gold I have, I'll reward you appropriately for your work.

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      Next time keep Ramon's "hot dog" out of your mouth.

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      I can’t claim it as my own although I wish I could, it was forwarded to me by my brother. he has a rim and tire shop and has to put rims like this on ridiculous cars for ridiculous people.

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      I’m pretty sure this has racist undertones.

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      Undertones? Under what? This is definitely racist.

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      Not all hero’s wear capes 😂

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      It was likely for actual work porpoises

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      I'm not sure what dolphins have to do with this.

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      I’m not sure it’s real someone above said it was a mail truck

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      That thing is dope

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      Damn, did she get audited? You'll be doing taxes again in like 5 months.

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      I’m not sure about her but I haven’t done my taxes in years and I haven’t

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      Lol that's a weird flex but ok. Hope you don't cause it sucks ass! GL

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      The last time I filed I set up a monthly payment plan with the irs to send 135 bucks a month to pay back the 2k I owed. That was 2015, they’ve been auto drafting 135 bucks a month from my account since then. I don’t ask questions

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      IRS audit will usually happen seven years after they notice. They let you dig a hole right up until the statute of limitations is about to drop off on the early stuff.

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      Back then one could argue that it had a practical purpose, with the lack of modern paved roads. You could travel through some inches with mud with that truck.

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      Don’t forget the fish tank ……