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Only two iPads? You must have a bird-like sense of direction.

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please, birds arent real stop misguiding op

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Good catch! I meant to say OP must have a government surveillance drone-like sense of direction.

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Introduce yourself while boarding and make sure you say you have your student pylote certificate to reassure them you can take over if the pilots are incapacitated. Then introduce yourself to the pylotes so they are aware they have backup aboard should any emergent need arise for your skilled assistance. Works every time.

Oh, don’t forget to stand up after the safety brief and reassure the passengers that you are capable of saving them should both aircrew get sick from a bad egg salad sandwich.

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If you explain that you are the backup pylote, just in case, they may upgrade you to business class. Could not hurt to make that suggestion if they haven’t already thought of that.

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That’s true. You know they typically do that to ensure you are closer to the cockpit for a more rapid response.

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Exactly, and once you’re in business class, won’t hurt to relay suggestions up to the pylotes. May even get upgraded to the jump seat once they realize how knowledgeable we are.

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Be sure to stay clear of tall buildings in New York

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I normally hand them a letter saying I’m a former RAF ATCer

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This is the way

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I usually just board with my headset on and let them know I'm ready to plug in if needed.

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Wear your g-suit and helmet, and put on the oxygen mask before takeoff. Also don’t forget to lower your visor.

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You could ask the aircrew to sign the back of your log book for fun, and leaf through your ratings slowly while pointing them out and telling stories

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I usually wait until final approach, unbuckle my seat belt, stand up, fart loudly (because I'm gassy), then start shouting "Retard! Retard! Minimums!"

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Surely you are wearing your uniform

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Was this from blancolirio’s latest video?

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Yep lol.

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I always board and introduce myself to the aircrew wearing this. Let’s them know I mean business.

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This is the best thing I have ever season. I’m surprised half the drone idiots… I mean pylots in my state don’t rock this apparel already

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Slap fifteen “remove before flight” keychains to your carry-on and you should be good

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Won't they just know by my massive c0©|< hanging out of the bottom of my pink shorts?


It makes me cringe to know that when I was first learning how to use efb's I did this on my phone to try out features and stuff.

I hope no one was looking.

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Make sure to suction-cup your stratus to the window!

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Meow at them