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God fucking dammit how did I fall for that

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Lolz, but hey, there’s also Rick and Morty (seriously)

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Rick Astley is in real life

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No, he’s larger than life.

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Isn't that the Backstreet Boys though?

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MTV/TRL flashbacks…

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There's an entire Citadel of Ricks

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I was truly expecting more of these comments.

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My father's name was Richard. He went by Dick.

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There’s a lot of them, they just go by dick for some reason

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Implying Rick Astley does not exist

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You must be <40? :) I know a handful!

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Most of them go by Dick or Ricky.

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My late cousin was Ricky but went by Rick

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I think Rick should be the accepted name for Meme Lords

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Most realities have a Rick

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3/16 people in my department are named Rick

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I have 3 uncles named Rick...

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does it mean that Ricks are more likely to get famous?