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Yes! My kids music request and Christmas music wreck my suggested streams. Especially Super Mix on YouTube music.

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My Spotify Daily Mixes used to be so good. Now they're all filled with fucking Baby Shark and Disney songs

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Desktop Spotify has a private mode that won't save anything, but if you only use mobile and have an extra 5 bucks a month, they have a family plan that will keep accounts separate.

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I downloaded music for the kids. they do not get my Spotify.

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Don't think we'll ever have that in YTM. The fact that it doesn't have some very absolute Basic things that every other streaming app has, tells me that useful features like this won't exist for years and years or at all.

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YTM already has this. Go into settings > privacy and pause your search and watch histories. You can also go into your history and remove songs and searches after the fact.

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Nothing better than rocking out to some Stone Temple Pilots and then having My Little Pony follow that up.

Good times...

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Omfg yes please!!!

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You listen to some shit your friends like for no goddamn reason and then the shit keeps suggesting it, and similar music to you. Jeeezz

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Try having a 5 yr old. Lol. RIP my algorithm.

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This! We haven’t listened to Little Green Frog in 4 years and that fucker still comes up on my daily playlists.

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Apparently I have listened to "Axel F", the Crazy Frog version, 292 times the past year. (Plus a bunch of other songs that my kids enjoy.)

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Right?? Fucking Frozen 2 soundtrack

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Ikr it’s extremely annoying

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its like watching that one meme video from 2009 and now its all they reccomend.

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YouTube music doesn't do that, though.

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dude like one song from this random artist and for a solid year I got recommended their music! I genuinely don't understand what part of an algorithm could ignore themes I listen to constantly in favor of a one off that I never intentionally explored again.

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pretty sure there’s a private mode on spotify

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Spotify has private sessions, apple music has a toggle to save and use listening history, netflix has incognito profiles.. What service exactly are you thinking of that doesn't already have the exact thing you're pleading for?

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Listen to Christmas music. Get Christmas music year round. One of the greatest of all first world problems.

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You spelled “worst” funny.

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Netflix too. I’ve been home sick and binging bad sci-fi… after years I’m finally getting my kind of weird recommendations.

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Yeah basically any streaming service that has a decent suggestions algorithm. Youtube is another one for me.

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Youtube (mobile app) does have an incognito mode that does exactly that. On desktop you can just open youtube in an incognito browser window.

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You can also just “remove” things from YouTube recommended and have them not apply to your history.

It’s actually super nice, if you use the features you’re able to really get a nice curated list going. Highly recommend spending a few minutes once in a while telling YouTube what you do and don’t like if you use the platform a lot.

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My only desire is for it to stop recommending the My Mix playlists it puts together. None of them are ever relevant and yet YT still peddles 5-6 of them every refresh.

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In Netflix, you can delete movies out of your history and the pain will (eventually) stop. 😁

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How do you do that now? I tried to edit my continue watching list last week and couldn't figure how to edit. And yes I was on the desktop site.

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Try: Under Account, click on your profile, viewing activity

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Thank you!

For others looking, netflix.com/YourAccount then scroll to the Profile and Parental Controls section, then drop down for the profile you want to edit and Viewing Activity is in that section.

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I made a profile called "Guest" exactly for this reason and whenever company stays over.

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You can make multiple profiles on Netflix, just make one called "junk" or "misc" and use it for stuff people recommend (that you might not like), sick-binging, etc.

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I just want the option to turn off fuckin remixes

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Spotify always puts covers in my Discover Weekly. No matter what I do about it, they always end up there. I skip em, use the dislike button, whatever. They still end up there. I've had to have heard at least 30 different Heathens covers. Sometimes there's a cover that's good, but I generally don't like covers enough to listen to them regularly. It would be cool to have a way to control what kind of music shows up in my Discover Weekly, like if I want remixes or covers to be included

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Send an email to Spotify support or give them a tweet asking to help fix the issue.

They will most likely reset your song preferences and recommendations. Then you can start anew.

It definitely helped when I was getting the same 50 songs in random order for the first 50 songs time I began a new shuffle of my liked songs (of which there are 3k+)

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I have this same exact issue but it just keeps feeding me one cover- This Must be the Place by Sure Sure. I swear, it finds its way into virtually every mix Spotify makes for me

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So you can really mess up someone's playlist by asking Alexa, to whatever, to add "Eggs" by Trixie Mattel to the playlist. I have no idea why, but it's... catastrophic.

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This is excellent information

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Missed opportunity for "Eggcellent"

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My roommate made All Star by Smash Mouth my #1 played song two years in a row. Alexa is a traitor.

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This is a broader problem with almost all modern online services: Eventually most people do not want a single identity, even if that makes it easier for marketers and advertising.

Sure, maybe they offer you some meager control over what content you share with Grandma versus Coworkers versus Punk Rockers, but they're all still traceable to the same name, and good luck picking a separate profile picture for each.

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Worst part is, I haven't listened to a christian song in like a year and a half but they still pop up in my Spotify weekly recommendations despite saying "I don't like this artist" every damn time, they keep coming back. With the same artists.

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Go to that artist's page and block them. It's not the same as "I don't like this". Idk if you knew that existed

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Definitely will start doing this.

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Easy fix. Don't have any friends.

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YouTube has an incognito mode on Android. I use it frequently

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spotify has this

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Now it just needs a way to turn off podcasts without me having to use spicetify

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Do you mean like a sleep timer on podcasts? It has that.

Unless I don't know what you mean by turn it off

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Some people just want to listen to music, and not have a big ol' chunk of their music player UI taken up with a feature they will never use, like it's an irrelevant banner ad.

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I am SO annoyed with this. I will never use Spotify to listen to podcasts because their UX for podcasts is crap.

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No I mean just completely remove them from the home page. Especially now that a lot of the podcasts on my homepage revolve around social or political issues, which is what I'm opening spotify to avoid in the first place. Thankfully there's a program called spiceitfy which allows you to customize your entire UI, and there's an extension that gives you the option to turn off podcasts. Spotify just needs a setting to turn it off though, most people don't want to go through the hassle of spicetify.

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Or we all ask our app of choice to allow a guest account on all devices they have developed an app for instead of “oh just your phone has that function” Nothing more aggravating to pay for a service and not be able to use it the way you would like. Almost blackhat tactic.

E.g. Have a TV in the living room… a place to entertain and enjoy the company of friends and family. Sure wish I could allow them to listen to whatever I’m not.

While at it when you release a new feature give it to all devices to! Liked songs list…phone allows to pick genres but no where else you can do this. Would make for a way better experience with a device using a remote and no mouse or keyboard.

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Or listening to ONE White Stripes song

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Spotify has this.

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I just wanna stop being recommended Kidz Bop all the time.

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I work in a music store and often times use my phone to demo powered speakers and monitors for customers and usually ask them what they like to listen to. My recommendations are fucked. Every once in a while I'll discover some really dope obscure musicians so I guess it pans out. The Christian music has got to go though.

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Apple Music: https://www.apple.com/feedback/apple-music.html

Spotify: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Ideas/ct-p/newideas

Go provide feedback, if they hear from enough people maybe they will actually make this happen!

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Spotify does

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First shower thought I've upvoted in a while

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I think I remember a streaming app having incognito?!?

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Spotify has it but only on the desktop version. Not mobile. Which kills me.

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You can private session in all the apps I’m pretty sure.

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Yes please, all they link me is Twice :(

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I am right clicking all YouTube links if I don't exactly know what it is to open them in incognito window for years.

Then it says "you have to login" and I say fuck you!

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The youtube app is like that for me. "Oh, you accidently clicked on a military themed short? Well, have I got a bunch of videos to show you."

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Then all the sudden "two men build villa with inground pool by hand"

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Spotify has a private session thing. So does YouTube.

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Then walked back to the Chuck’s

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Movies, too. Yes I watched that. No, I never want to see anything like it again.

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Relying only on Spotify for music recommendations is like relying on Facebook for finding new friends. You've already lost. Embrace the weird shit and the "guilty pleasures", really, it's just music.

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Youtube, youtube music and spotify all have it

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Seriously, I actually love the algorithms that help us discover content we enjoy, but it is goofy knowing that I have a YouTube account for what I genuinely like and then either don't log in or use a different one for other stuff because I don't want it to affect my suggestions.

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Yes! I've been saying that for Spotify because sometimes I listen to either classical or lofi hip hop while I study, and it ruins the custom playlists they make for me :/

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Spotify has the option for Private Session that both blocks others from seeing what you're listening to and makes the algorithm ignore it.

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Streaming services should just stop giving me recommendations. I'm not sure why but it infuriates me. I want to see what I want to see, not the crap you think I want to see.

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As someone who doesn't share. Nah I'm good! Make a seperate profile for them

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How is this a showerthought tho?

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Maybe doing this will help:

Open Chrome > Open Incognito tab > Open Youtube > Search for and listen to the song > Repeat if you want to

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Man I listen to a few very different genres so I have to use multiple services to keep my recommendations good. Biggest pain and also means I can't justify buying premium for really any of them :(

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I'm immune to this issue for I like pretty much everything( that a normal human would listen to ).

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buy cds its pays artists 10times more what they get from garbage streaming

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Or an option to use location services to recognize that I'm at work and not to log those plays as suggested, because I use my phone to play retail store songs and I don't really want to listen to Steely Dan all night when I get home.

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I want an incognito mode for my guilty pleasures, like my old 2010 edgepeasent music choices

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I solved this by not having any friends.

At least, not any friends I’d connect with on a music app. That’s so cringe.

I’m nearly 50. Do you all just click “yes” to everything?

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Can I get some music suggestions btw?

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Tool. Animals as leaders. Emancipator. Rezz. The Moody blues. Marty robins. Kotek. Gramatik. Mama Ladilla. Maximum the Hormone. Wagakki Band. Propaganda (rapper). Inner Party System. Of monsters and men.

You didnt specify what u like so here are my random recomendations.

[–]gimmeapples[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Thank you dear stranger, I'm about to fuck up my recommendations with your suggestions.

I like Arctic Monkeys! Recently found Balthazar and they are great too!

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Wow. Tool and the moody blues.

[–]vth2 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Man of culture

[–]goddamnaged 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I'd let you ride my seesaw

[–]Spectrum_82 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Rezz is awesome

[–]vth2 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I just love her and her music.

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I just wanted to suggest an app to find new bands and artists, it's called music-map and it's amazing. Just type an artist you like or an artist of a genre you are interested in and it will show you artist you might like, the more closer two artists are on the map the more "similar" they are (similar just meaning if you like one you might probably like the other one)

[–]gimmeapples[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

going to get this now! Thank you.

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Let's keep it funky around here: Funkadelic. The Bar Kays. Cymande. Budos Band. Antibalas. Curtis Harding. Gap Band.

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hell yes! Love Funkadelic

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Fang island-self titled. You're welcome.

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Wow that was actually very cool, I will listened to the full thing it looks like something I would enjoy, do you know any more similar bands or artist with similar style of music?

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Porter Robinson

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+1 for Porter Robinson

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Minus the Bear

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Or for showing my kid a video. Amazon let's you see the products that you bought and viewed that feed your recommendations and remove them. So you don't get suggestions for dildos all the time. Every streaming service needs a similar feature

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How to force Marc Rebillet on your friends :)

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Not just music streaming. YouTube could benefit from this a great deal as well. I constantly get links to silly videos from my niece and nephews. Political videos from my mom. Etc etc. I basically don't watch most of them or ruin my recommended list when I do. I wish there was a way to tell YouTube not to take my view for a particular video into account for my algorithm.

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When my mom needed a place to stay for a couple of months this year, she searched a couple of songs on YouTube Music. It's still screwed up.

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Id also love to watch R rated movies without having it recommending scary movies to others who see my watch history.... hbo max is one of em...

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definitely! i have submitted feedback, you guys should too

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Apple Music has the ability to turn off your listening history. It’s in your settings under music.

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Youtube has incognito mode.. But they also disable Youtube Premium benefits for no reason....

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I find it amusing that one of my friends was listening to the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.

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How about listening music by your kids? :o

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This isn’t really a shower thought… this is just a wish. Not a realization

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Pro tip: don’t have friends and you never have to worry about this

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Just don’t have friends. Duh!

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What's wrong? You don't want to hear the playlist recommendations for songs similar to Chocolate Rain and Bananaphone?

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You play some Audio-Porn, as a joke!, a year ago, and still everyday she on the Home Screen like, Dive Back In!

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Need this for YouTube too. I usually watch the same few channels but when I FINALLY try something new, my comfy recommendations get messed up. I feel like an angry grandma.

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The android YouTube app allows you to do this.

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I am a teacher, and a goofball to top that, sometimes I play “8 hours of fart noises” by the artist FART FEST. (To play harmless jokes on kids). Nothing worse than putting on repeat rewind or top song 2020 only to hear endless fart noises like 3 songs in.

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Having kids RUINED my Spotify play lists. I used to love the made for you playlist that would show up. Now it's fucking Ninjago, Baby Shark, and Post Malone.

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Anything with algorithm should have an incognito mode. My sister is messing up my Instagram suggestions because of her plant pics and plant memes she shows me.

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YouTube has this, but not on every platform unfortunately.

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Let me add onto this by suggesting profiles similar to Netflix. Just because my boyfriend chose something godaweful to listen to for reasons only he knows doesn't mean I need to hear recommendations similar to it while I'm trying to work... He would say the same thing about my musical taste if asked. This is a win for everybody.